By Lars Dalseide | February 4 2010 12:29
Jennifer Lewis

NRAblog usually pounces on opportunities to met outdoor writers and television hosts like Oregon's Gary Lewis. But after meeting his YES alumna daughter, we pushed Gary aside and spent a few quality minutes with Jennifer.

Found exiting the Press Room at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada was YES alumna Jennifer Lewis. Attending the convention as an assistant, this was her first trip outside of Bend, Oregon since coming to Washington, DC for the Youth Education Summit (YES).

"I wasn't sure what the trip would entail," said Jennifer. "But it more than filled everyone's expectations."

While attending YES, Jennifer and the group of high school students visited museums, congressional buildings, and government officials to learn more about the federal government and the importance of active participation.

"It was my first time to DC so it was a pretty exciting experience," Jennifer recalled. "But it's hard to say what part was my favorite. I really liked the tour through the Pentagon. That was a really cool experience. Our White House tour was interesting - just a little too quick."

YES also introduces students to the people who make the government run. Politics, apparently, struck a note with the young Oregonian. "That's something I'm super excited about. I love politics so I was taking notes furiously through that session."

Now a high school senior, Jennifer is preparing for a collegiate stint at Kilns College. But her political intrigue has yet to be quenched.

"I'm working on the campaign for Jason Conger, he's a republican running for state representative in our area," she explained. "Guess I'm sort of heading up marketing for the youth team and that's real exciting. After that, I hope to start my own business – marketing, social networking, that sort of thing."

Before wrapping things up, I inquired as to her shooting experience and received quite the tale.

"I really enjoy shooting. I love the shotgun, I love shooting clays, but pretty much anything. Hunting too. My first big game animal was a bear when I was 12 (A bear when you were 12. How big of a bear?) Oh, gosh, I can't tell you exactly. But it was a pretty big bear. A few hundred pounds I think. One my dad's friends has the rug for it, but I have the claws," she smiled with pride.

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