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Once or twice a year, staff from the NRA's Education and Training division holds a course at NRA HQ to train a new batch of NRA Certified Instructors. "It's a chance for us to test any changes in lesson plans or curriculum," National Instructor Trainer John Howard told NRAblog.

Pictured above, from left to right, are Andrew Lander, Steve Hoback, Mark Richardson, and John Howard. These four men represent an immeasurable amount of knowledge when it comes to teaching both firearm safety and training methods.

This week, a two-day course trained 10 instructors in the pistol discipline. One of these instructors is our very own Danielle Sturgis. "My opinion is the more I can learn, the better," Sturgis said, adding that she was joined by fellow NRA employees Beth Epley and John Jackson. "John, Mark, Steve, and Andy really kept us on our toes, and anyone who has an interest in becoming a certified Instructor owes it to him or herself to take the course."


John, a participant who traveled from West Virginia to take the course, said it was something he's been wanting to do. "I want to be able to give back," he said. "Hopefully I'll teach courses at my local club with other instructors."

"This course gave you a training framework you can take to any discipline," he said. "I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to become a firearms instructor of any discipline." John and his classmates are pictured above.

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