By Lars Dalseide | December 10 2009 10:10

When Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate formed the National Rifle Association back in 1871, one of their primary goals was to promote and encourage civilian marksmanship. That's why it's great to read something like this:

San Saba 4-H Shooting Sports Team meet their next NRA Ranks

The time has come once again to reward our shooters on their progression to the next rank in their NRA Marksman Qualification Course. This quarter light-rifle shooter Ron Gerhart has achieved the qualifications for the level of Expert. There is only one more rank for Ron to complete before achieving the highest rank in the NRA Marksman Qualification Course.

Newcomer and light-rifle shooter,Micheal McKinnerney has achieved his first rank, Pro-Marksman, in his Qualification Course. Caelob Hardman has achieved his first level of the NRA Marksman Qualification Course as Pro-Marksman as well. Michael McKinnerney, Emily Esquivel, and Meredith Meador have received their safety qualification awards which mark the beginning of their NRA Marksman Qualification Course.

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