By Lars Dalseide | November 30 2009 12:52

If you didn't make it to Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show earlier this month, have no fear. The world's largest firearms show happens twice a year at the Tulsa Fairground's Quiktrip Center and is open to the public. Sponsored by the Tulsa Arms Collectors Association, the Wanenmacher show offers acres and acres of tables filled with firearms, special collections, vetted antique guns, blades, and firearms accessories. Each booth holding the promise of yet another treasure you won't find anywhere else.

"It's a high-quality show, the largest of its kind," Kayne Robinson, Executive Director of NRA’s General Operations, told NRAblog. "And the people couldn't be nicer."

Under the leadership of Joe Wanenmacher for the past 41 years, the show has grown from a mere hundred tables to over 4,000. If you stack them end to end, that's almost six miles worth of tables.

The attendance has grown exponentially too. So much so that officials estimate the event brings in sixteen million dollars of new money to Tulsa each year. That, along with his work promoting the city and Western heritage, is why Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor proclaimed February 5, 2009 to be Joe Wanenmacher Day.

Wanenmacher, a native of Tulsa, has also been a great friend to the National Rifle Association. He recently demonstrated his support for the organization and the Second Amendment by presenting Kayne Robinson with a $5,000 from the Tulsa Arms Collectors Association for NRA's Institute for Legislative Action at the November show. And, with the purchase of a new NRA membership, admission to the Arms Show is free -- an offer more than 5,000 people accepted last year alone.

So if you're a collector, buyer, or enthusiast who thinks eleven acres of firearms, special collections, and antique guns sounds like fun, then you'd better make plans to visit Tulsa in April. See the rare, the popular, and the firearm of your dreams. It's more than worth the trip.

Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show



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