By Danielle Sturgis | November 28 2009 07:22
AMT Donates $10,000 to Kodiak Friends of NRA

From Traditions magazine:

At the Kodiak Crab Festival last May, Alaska Friends of NRA made friends with Tim Baker, Vice President and Robert “Bobby” Bonestroo, Operations Manager of Apollo Medi Trans. Tim introduced himself to the Kodiak Friends of NRA Committee Chairman Dave King and was immediately sold on the program when he discovered Alaska Friends of NRA feels the way he does about giving future generations the same traditions, heritages, and freedoms he had when he was growing up.

Tim and Bobby were invited and attended the Kodiak Friends of NRA banquet that weekend and had a fantastic time. While enjoying the atmosphere that exists at an Alaskan Friends of NRA banquet, they found out the Friends of NRA program works tirelessly to promote the shooting sports in Alaska and nationwide, giving back all proceeds in grants that go to the future of the shooting sports. “Steve Smith, who owns Alaska Guns and Ammo, taught us how crucially important it is to support programs like Friends of NRA,” Tim said. “Friends of NRA is something important to us and we are really excited about it.”

Since the Kodiak Crab Festival, Tim, Bobby, and their coworkers have been seen at many Alaska Friends of NRA banquets, however the Friends of NRA program in Alaska was not prepared for the commitment to the program the great people of Apollo Medi Trans had in store.

This year, Apollo Medi Trans led the way with a $10k donation to the Kodiak Friends of NRA banquet, which was held on May 24. “When we gave the $10,000, it seemed really important to Alaska Friends of NRA. They were really big on telling us where the $10,000 has gone and made us really proud to support Friends of NRA,” said Tim. With Apollo's help, Kodiak Friends of NRA net approximately $35k with only 84 people in the room, ensuring they would have their best banquet to date.

The great folks at Apollo Medi Trans don’t just talk about what they believe in, they act and they act in a big way. “I love what Friends of NRA does,” added Tim. “Alaska Friends of NRA is committed to our traditions and working with people locally.”

Apollo Medi Trans is an Alaska based company, currently operating a brokerage firm and a ground ambulance company in Anchorage, Wasilla, and Klawock, Alaska. The founding members of Apollo Medi Trans have 20 years of expertise in Alaska primary medical care, health care delivery, and medical transport systems and 20 years of commercial Alaska aviation experience involving every region in the state of Alaska. Their staff includes critical care physicians, and specialists in communications, transportation, and healthcare business solutions.

Apollo Medi Trans cares about the people and values of Alaska and by donating to Kodiak Friends of NRA, they showed their commitment to the state. Alaska Friends of NRA would like to thank Tim Baker, Bobby Bonestroo, and the people at Apollo Medi Trans for their generous donation and support.

Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Alaska, or find an event near you!


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