By Danielle Sturgis | November 24 2009 15:15

Students visiting the NRA National Firearms MuseumAn English class from a local community college recently paid a visit to the NRA National Firearms Museum as part of a research assignment.

Students in the entry-level English course were assigned a seven-page paper on the topic of firearm rights and ownership.

Trenton Castleberry, a business student, remained undecided. “I can see pros and cons of firearm ownership,” he said. He shot firearms with his Boy Scout troop when he was younger and describes shooting as “enjoyable.”

The quick tour Senior Curator Doug Wicklund gave the group highlighted the Museum’s 18 galleries, including the Guns West! Exhibit, which was very popular among the students. “The Western guns, especially Clint Eastwood’s guns, were cool,” Castleberry said. The students were given an additional hour to enjoy self-guided tours and the Museum’s new store.

“I’m for the right to keep and bear arms, because Americans need to maintain the right to defend themselves,” one student said.

“I don’t know yet how my paper will read,” another said, pointing out that NRAblog should consider asking the professor to cut the assignment from 7 pages to 5.

Samantha Khoury, a student from Ashburn, VA, maintained the Museum reinforced her pro-firearms views. “We’re talking about the right to bear arms, so this Museum visit definitely helps,” she said while scribblng notes on different firearms used in America’s military history.

Khoury asked about the NRA Headquarters Range and said she hopes to stop by later in the year with friends for target practice. “I’ve been shooting at a range in Chantilly, and it was awesome,” she said.

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