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The Gene Pearcey family visited the National Firearms Museum on Friday and enjoyed a tour led by Phil Schreier. Pearcey, known in the cowboy action world as "Evil Roy," visited the Museum for the first time along with 12 family members. The group met with fellow cowboy action enthusiasts, General Operations' Executive Director Kayne Robinson and Deputy Executive Director Andrea Cerwinske.

Guestbook entry: Gene Pearcey, aka Evil Roy

Several of Pearcey's firearms and heirlooms are on display in the Ruger Gallery. The current Ruger exhibit – Guns West! the West the way it is, the way it was, and the way it could have been – is a popular one, echoing the growth of the cowboy action shooting community. "Over 100,000 new shooters came to this hobby in a matter of 15 years," Schreier said. Pearcey, a top cowboy competitor, runs Evil Roy Shooting School out of Durango, Colorado, with his wife Karen, also known as "Wicked Felina."

Pearcey took a few minutes to talk to NRAblog about his role in cowboy action shooting:

“I started shooting in 1993," Pearcey told NRAblog. After taking two of his grandchildren to a cowboy action match in Durango, Colorado, he was hooked. "We started (competing) the next year, and we're going into our 16th year of competition, traveling all over the United States and Finland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, and a lot of different places."

What started out as  a simple trip to Washington DC to tour the White House bloomed into several additional tours, including the NRA Museum and Arlington National Cemetery. Pearcey said 10 of his 15 grandchildren made the trip. "It's been a nice chance for us to get together." One family homeschools their children, and Pearcey said the emphasis on American history fit nicely into their lesson plans.

"The information on Lewis and Clark was one of the most interesting things," he said. "I never have heard some of the stuff Phil was telling us about the air rifle they used."

"I shoot replicas, and also an original 1897 Winchester and a Browning  double barrel and Cimaron Evil Roy model pistols and a Cimaron 1873 model rifle, in .38 caliber and shotguns in .12 gauge."

NRAblog's usual question at the conclusion of an interview, "Is there anything you'd like to add?" elicited the following response from Pearcey:

The cowboy action stuff is like a big family. Most of our friends are cowboy action shooters. We've met a lot of really really nice people. Oh, and I don't know if you need to mention any of what I do … I've won a world national championship overall, and a lot of regional and state matches … because we've gone to a lot of matches over the years.

Read more about his many accomplishments at the Evil Roy Shooting School website, and keep an eye on granddaughter Holy Terror, who was unable to make the trip but is a rising cowboy action shooter.

Remember, tours are available by appointment for your group! Call the NRA National Firearms Museum at (703) 267-1600 or e-mail

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