By Danielle Sturgis | October 20 2009 07:03

NRAblog correspondent and Senior Curator of the NRA National Firearms Museum Phil Schreier is in the news again. His presentation in Newark on Sunday went well. "I'd estimate at least 80 people attended, with an exceptional number of young people," he reported.

Read a little bit about his appearance in the Newark Advocate article, below: 

National Firearms Museum curator explains 'arsenal of democracy'

NEWARK -- The senior curator of the National Firearms Museum credited Eli Whitney and General Motors for key contributions to America's production of military arms in Sunday's lecture at The Works.
Philip Schreier told listeners America's war efforts throughout history have combined contributions of some well-known for their work and others known more for other aspects of industrial technology.
The lecture, titled "The Arsenal of Democracy: The Effort to Produce Arms and Equipment to Win the War," was scheduled in conjunction with The Works' new exhibit, "Honoring Our Veterans: Licking County's Role in American Military History."
Schreier said the United States never will fall victim to an outside enemy as did some European countries, which fell in just 90 minutes at the outset of World War II, because of its commitments throughout history to innovation and technology.

The United States geared up for World War II for more than a year before officially entering the war, but America's entire history helped prepare for that moment, Schreier said.

"In December 1940, FDR said we need more ships, guns, planes, more of everything," Schreier said. "He said we must be the great arsenal of democracy.

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