By Lars Dalseide | October 3 2009 14:41

Sacramento, California - One aspect of operation all clubs should follow is legislation. What's going on in your county, in your town, or in your state. To provide those of us here what a taste of what the NRA is doing in California, Club University brought in NRA State Legislative Liaison Ed Worley and Liaison to the Executive Vice President H. Paul Payne.

Ed ran through a list of legislation that was proposed, passed, defeated, or vetoed. And after hearing how things work in the California state house, it sounds like he has his hands full.

Then Paul provided a quick run down of his work and how Member Councils throughout the state have been aiding us in the fight for the Second Amendment.

There's more to cover, but I'm presenting a segment on Media Relations and need to prepare. I'll be back with updates as soon as possible.

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