By Kyle Jillson | October 3 2009 12:00

From Jan Raab at the F-Class National Championships at Camp Butner, North Carolina:

Three individual matches were fired yesterday, all at a range of 600 yards. The course of fire for each match was 15 record shots. Results are as follows.

F-Open catergory were:

  • 1st Place: Charles Ballard - 449-29x
  • 2nd Place: Don Nagel - 448-22x
  • 3rd Place: Robert Bock - 447-28x

F-TR category:

  • 1st Place: Derek Rodgers - 444-20x
  • 2nd Place: Brad Sauve - 443-22x
  • 3rd Place: Danny Biggs - 441-19x

After the individual matches, the team match was fired. Each member of the four person team fired 20 shots for record at 600 yards.

The high F-Open team was the Sierra Spindle Shooters firing 794-44x. Team members: Ahawn Ahrens, Brett Solomon, Jeff Traylor and Jeff Cochran.

The high F-TR team was Team Sinclair with a score of 784-40x. Team members: Pam Phillips, Derrick Rodgers, Brad Sauve and Jeff Rorer.

Today the shooters have moved back further to the 1000 yard line to fire three individual matches and a team match.

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