By Kerrin Brinkman | August 2 2009 09:02

Roughly 130 competitors are gathered at the NRA Whittington Center for the NRA Smallbore Silhouette Championships being held August 2-4. Over the next three days, shooters will compete in the Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championship in the mornings and the Smallbore Hunting Rifle Silhouette Championship in the afternoons with the champions being named on Tuesday.

The range was buzzing this morning with the news that Agustin Sanchez, Jr. would not be competing in this year's Smallbore Silhouette Championships. Sanchez, Jr. has won the event for the past six years, but now someone else will take his title. "It's up for grabs," said NRA Silhouette Program Coordinator Jonathan Leighton. "There are a lot of good shooters here, so it's anyone's game right now."

The group of shooters competing couldn't be more diverse; men, women, juniors, seasoned shooters and novice competitors are all here for a shot at the Championships. Numerous international competitors have also traveled to the Whittington Center from Mexico, Canada, Ireland, and South Africa.

Four relays of shooters are still competing in the first leg of this morning's Smallbore Rifle Silhouette phase, and will move into the Smallbore Hunting Rifle Silhouette phase this afternoon. Each relay moves to a separate bank of targets (chickens, pigs, turkeys, or rams) throughout the day, with 10 shots at each type of target.

Check back with NRAblog for more news and photos from the 2009 Smallbore Silhouette Championships as the competition progresses!

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