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Ian Dennis

Ian Dennis wrote the following Hunt Report for

I went on a mountain lion hunt in February 2009 with Mike Root, longtime NRA member and lion guide extraordinaire. The hunt started out in the lower elevations of southwestern New Mexico.
We spent two days hunting off of mules, watching well-honed dogs work the extremely dry ground without much luck. Then we moved camp to the high country wilderness of the Black Range. The going was tough since the U.S. Forest Service has not cleared the public trails in years.

We made it to the Continental Divide with no big wrecks, just a lot off cussing and a few drops of sweat. The dogs hit on tracks a few times but were not able to take off on anything fresh. While working north along the divide, the dogs took off on a hot set of tracks. Within a few short minutes the dogs had treed a large tom bobcat that had been feeding on a mule deer buck-lion kill. This gave the dogs a shot of enthusiasm. The next day the dogs came upon another deer, also a lion kill, but were not able to take off on the week-old tracks.

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