By Lars Dalseide | July 18 2009 07:21

Ian Maresh, Lockton Risk Services Albany, New York - Everyone here at the Desmond Hotel has questions. But a big questions facing any firearms related operation is insurance. You never know what you're going to need, when you're going to need it, or who you need to cover.

Do you just have to worry about what goes on at the range or what goes on when you're working for the range? And if you are on club business, is your vehicle or other potential injuries covered? Are only members on the policy, or are their guests covered too?

These questions and more are being thrown at Ian Maresh from Lockton Risk Services, Inc. He's been fielding questions for over twenty minutes now and threatens to push threw the other speakers segments with a great deal of information. And the best part about being here at Club University in Albany is that these are the questions you might not think to ask unless you're here.

So don't forget to sign up for the next Club U. this fall.

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