By Danielle Sturgis | July 2 2009 07:08

NRA's Silhouette Coordinator Jonathan Leighton experienced a small miracle Wednesday. Currently in rural Raton, New Mexico, with the Cowboy Rifle Competition, Leighton experienced a rare level of reception on his cell phone.

NRAblog is flattered he chose to call us. "I think this would make a great story," he began. "We just finished shooting the first of three matches that comprise the Cowboy Lever Action Competition, and an Australian competitor won."

That competitor, David McCarthy, is the first international competitor to win a title in Cowboy Rifle. McCarthy is pictured above with Australian team mates Mick Hutton and Robert Tobler. (Many thanks to Leighton for getting us this exclusive photo.) 

Wednesday morning's match of center fire rifle was the first of three matches. Up next: smallbore and pistol, both done Cowboy style.

"This match was founded in 2004, and Ron Troyer has won it just about every year," Leighton told NRAblog. "He isn't here this year, and McCarthy is." Leighton says turn out is good for the event, and he credits the Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia with bringing international competitors to this match. 

"McCarthy has a good chance of winning the aggregate," Leighton said. Stay tuned to NRAblog, and keep your fingers crossed Leighton can get a signal. You'll read the results here!


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