By Lars Dalseide | May 26 2009 08:45

Whittington Center booth at NRA ConventionRaton, New Mexico - The NRA Whittington Center returned home to Raton, NM, last week after a busy weekend at the NRA’s Annual Meetings & Exhibits. The center raffled off guns and, as a grand prize, a hunting expedition in Colorado. “Our goal is to educate people,” said Wayne Armacost, executive director of the Whittington Center.

That’s what they’ve been doing since the center opened more than three decades ago. The Whittington Center was designed in 1973 after the NRA purchased land in New Mexico to build a firing range for its members. It has since become much more than that. “Hunting and shooting are always going to be the major thing we do, but they aren’t going to be the only thing we do,” Armacost said.

Indeed, the Center has nearly every kind of shooting range you can think of – rifle, high power rifle, black powder, trap, skeet, sporting clays, hunter sight-in, PPC, smallbore rifle silhouette, highpower rifle silhouette, long range pistol silhouette, hunter pistol silhouette, benchrest, and practical pistol. The Whittington Center also has a campground facility, where they host kids every year for their summer adventure camp.

Now they are looking to expand on their facility with an events center and a Hunting and Shooting Hall of Fame.

The NRA Whittington Center runs entirely on voluntary contributions. To support the Whittington Center, please visit

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