By Lars Dalseide | May 25 2009 05:35

Nemesis displays .308 rifle that breaks down in 15 second to NRA Convention

David Ives from Nemsis Arms and his .308 rifle at NRA Convention in Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona - David Ives (above), owner of California-based Nemesis Arms, used the occasion of the 2009 NRA Annual Meeting & Convention to unveil his Windrunner Model 06 rifle. The rifle is remarkably dynamic, capable of firing a .243 caliber round, a .308 caliber round and a .338 Federal round.

“They are all interchangeable using the same action and the same magazine,” Ives told us.

The rifle can be disassembled and fit in a 21-inch briefcase. Without the optic attachments, the rifle weighs 11.5 pounds.

It can then be reassembled “in 15 seconds,” Ives said.

The rifle can rest on an attachable bipod, which can pivot up to 90 degrees. “It can literally be shot from any surface, any angle at any degree,” Ives said.

Ives recently hired U.S. Marine Corps snipers to test fire the rifle from a hilltop, aiming at a target in a valley below. The snipers hit the target with a three inch shot group from 600 yards, then a six and a half inch shot group from 905 yards.

The Windrunner is priced at $3,850, according to the Nemesis Arms Web site. To find out more about the Windrunner, visit

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