By Danielle Sturgis | May 21 2009 06:16

Tony Caspers, a shooter new to the NRA Bianchi Cup, but not the world of competitive shooting, was the featured guest on Gary Nolan’s show on 93.9 FM here in Columbia on Wednesday afternoon.

Eagle 93.9

During the interview, Nolan told us he will be coming to shoot in the celebrity match on Saturday. “I’m just going to have a good time, and hopefully not embarrass the station or myself,” Nolan said. “Listeners who want to come out Saturday are welcome.”

Nolan asked Caspers for some tips, which the Minnesota Police Officer willingly gave. Then Nolan asked, “Watching the pros do it, is there anybody you look at and think, ‘Gee, I wish I could be that good’?”

“All the time,” Caspers answered. “It’s the people you see when you’re reading the shooting magazines, and you get to meet them, you get to talk to them, you get to shoot next to them, practice with them.”

“And they’re great.”

Nolan asked Caspers several questions about his shooting experience, how he was doing in the Production division of the match, and whether he plans to come back to the NRA Bianchi Cup. Nolan has shot at the Green Valley Range before, and he said he looks forward to his time on the range on Saturday. “The place is well-designed,” he said. “I think it’s probably the finest place I’ve ever shot at.”


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