By Danielle Sturgis | May 17 2009 16:29

Phoenix, Arizona - The hall was abustle a few moments ago, but it is slowly making its way back to the cavernous empty space it was one week ago. Rather than dwell on the farewells of friends who see one another only once a year, or the sheer impossibility to do all one wants to do during the three Kayne Robinson, William and Pamela Johnson, and Kyle Weaver days of exhibits, NRAblog is pleased to bring you a story of what it means to be a believer in the NRA.

William and Pamela Johnson came to Phoenix by way of Palestine, Texas. “It’s so small we don’t have a bank, or a school, or a post office,” Mrs. Johnson told NRAblog. “The two gas stations have a grill, and that’s it for local restaurants.”

The two smalltown NRA members made a big impact at Thursday’s National Foundation Banquet. Pictured above, the couple is joined by Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson on the left and Director of Field Operations Kyle Weaver on the right. “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’s total purchases from Thursday night added up to a monumental donation to the NRA Foundation,” Andrea Cerwinske told NRAblog.

Mr. Johnson said he felt the need to give freely of his resources because of the programs the NRA provides. A lifelong advocate of firearm instruction, Johnson has been a life member for the past 50 years. “I recognized the value of the National Rifle Association since I was a teenager,” he told NRAblog.

During the 138th NRA Annual Meeting, Mr. Johnson was able to expound on that value, and we’re glad he did. Stay tuned for more on this NRA couple.

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