By Kyle Jillson | April 30 2009 15:04
And now for the Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award winner. 

To honor women’s contributions in support of the Second Amendment at the national level, the Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award has been presented since 1995. It recognizes exceptional accomplishments of modern heroines through their legislative activism as well as advocacy, volunteerism, and education of others to the goals of the Second Amendment and the NRA on a national level.

Linda WalkerThis year's winner of the Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award is Linda Walker of Alexandria, Ohio, who received the Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award for her outstanding history of achievements.

A positive presence in the Ohio Statehouse, Linda Walker contributes greatly to legislative work and was instrumental in the passage of SB 184, Ohio’s Castle Doctrine, referred to as “one of the most sweeping firearm reform bills in the United States.” Linda, a NRA Certified Instructor, regularly holds classes hosted at her own private firing range; one of which meets the Ohio requirement for education to apply for a concealed handgun license. A strong advocate in gun legislation and a teacher of the next generation of safe gun owners, Linda also serves as NRA’s Election Volunteer Coordinator for the 12th Congressional District for the State of Ohio.

The award is named for Sybil Ludington, a heroine of the American Revolution who made a night ride to alert colonial forces in the same way as Paul Revere. 

On the night of April 26, 1777, Sybil was putting her younger siblings to bed when her family received word that the British had begun burning Danbury, Connecticut, a town only 25 miles away. Her father was a colonel in the local militia at the time and his men were spread out over a large area around the Ludington house. Sybil persuaded her father to let her ride out and alert his men so they could attempt to drive the British back. Riding alone, she covered over 40 miles on dark, unmarked roads, warning militiamen of the approaching threat while avoiding British soldiers and loyalists in the area. The men she helped gather were able to assemble just in time to help drive the British force back to their ships in the Long Island Sound and save many American lives. 

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