By Danielle Sturgis | April 9 2009 08:45
Join the Women of the NRA!

Elizabeth Hellmann, the National Program Coordinator for NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, is more than a talented shooter and renowned firearms instructor. She’s also a passionate writer.

Beth was kind enough to share a her article on Women and the NRA with NRAblog. An excerpt is printed in the current issue of Traditions magazine. NRAblog is pleased to present the entire article as a series of posts:

Why Women Learn About Guns, continued


Following the NRA’s Rules of Gun Safety can help keep women and children safe in their own homes. In my own case, I grew up with guns in the home and tagging along with the (male) members of my family on hunting trips. From an early age, I learned gun safety rules and the importance of them. I knew that my own children needed to learn gun safety, too – not because we had guns where unauthorized people might find them, but because my children might visit a friend’s home where others had access to guns that were less well-secured. This point was driven home to me when I was fourteen years old, and while at an afterschool party in a private home, a boy accidentally shot a friend with a gun he found -- a gun he believed to be unloaded. Had the NRA Rules of Gun Safety been observed, a tragedy could have been prevented. Unfortunately, many people, especially women, do not know what these rules are. The NRA plays a valuable public service in providing gun safety programs (instruction that is low-cost and often free) and information that is available through literature and online. Through us, women learn gun safety standards that keep themselves and their children safe. I firmly believe that if everyone followed the NRA Rules of Gun Safety and practiced our recommendations on safe gun storage, the world would be a better place.

Personal Protection 

Today, global conditions of instability have given rise to physical and psychological violence towards women. The world can be a scary place, and the National Rifle Association can show women how to become safer and stronger, while taking responsibility for their own well-being.

As economies fluctuate and approach critical levels, greater responsibilities have been shouldered by women seeking to provide for their families. Many women learn to shoot because they want to exercise their right to protect themselves and their families. Some want to obtain a concealed carry permit, while others may already have a firearm in their homes that they want to learn to use defensively. The constant effort of the National Rifle Association makes it possible for women to defend themselves with a gun, if they choose.

Endowment and Donations

Some women become so committed to the idea of marksmanship that they want to ensure that the NRA will exist long into the future. These individuals may donate their money or financial support in addition to their time, their talent, their energy, and their political influence. In this way, women help ensure that the resources of the NRA are available for years to come – not only for themselves, but for others.

The NRA Foundation has a number of funding options at our disposal. Please consider contributing to NRA Women’s Programs today, in any amount possible. Let our voice be heard loud and clear.


Thanks Beth! We look forward to the series' conclusion tomorrow morning.


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