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Women are important members of the NRA family

Join the Women of the NRA!

Elizabeth Hellmann, National Program Coordinator of the NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, is more than an expert shot and a renowned firearms instructor. She’s also a passionate writer.

Elizabeth has agreed to share a recent piece, “Women and the NRA,” with NRAblog. An excerpt is printed in the current issue of Traditions magazine. NRAblog is pleased to present the complete article as a series of posts:

The Matter of Female Membership

When women who love to shoot – and who may carry concealed or hunt or who may be award-winning competitors – say they don’t belong to the NRA, I am flabbergasted.

Usually, they say, “My husband belongs,” or “My grandfather belongs … or my father … my brothers … ”

Why is that? Why do women virtually choose to disenfranchise themselves when it comes to gun ownership?

Perhaps it is because women are not aware of all that the NRA offers them.

In addition to protecting the right of all citizens (male and female) to own guns, the NRA offers numerous programs for education, training, competition, and recognition of achievement.

Without the NRA’s vigilance and the educational opportunities it provides, women would lose a critical right. The right to bear arms is as important to us as it is to men – perhaps more so.

The NRA makes an important investment in the future when it offers service and training specifically designed for women. In doing so, the NRA demonstrates that we are dedicated to educating every citizen. NRA’s commitment to Women’s Programs provides key support for the perception of shooting clubs as family-oriented clubs.

Check back soon for more on this topic from Beth. Or, e-mail to find out more about Instructional Shooting Clinics and how your club can host one.

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