By Lars Dalseide | March 25 2009 11:06

The crew from Washington's Champion ArmsNashville, Tennessee - Last weekend’s NRA Club University enjoyed a diverse group of attendees. From the northwest corner of the United States came from Champion Arms, a 25-yard indoor shooting range and retail store in Kent, Washington. And from what they told us, it sounds like a great place to shoot.

“We believe in having fun,” said range maintenance guru Mack, pictured at right in green. “We’re always having fun. But we take our jobs very seriously – especially when it comes to the safety of those shooting at our range. It’s always a top priority.”

Champion Arms was founded three years ago by Mack, Scott, Steve, and Maria. With ten lanes, plenty of heat (or air conditioning, should the weather dictate,) and a wide range of rental guns, Champion's location – just off of 167 in Kent – is perfect for Maria.

Scott's luck changes at NRA's Club U after winning a gun“She’s the main owner and back bone of the operation,” Scott said of Maria. “Me, I’m just the crash test dummy.”

Crash test dummy? “I’ve had two accidents in our last two business trips,” Scott remarked. “Heck, last time, I hit a cow.”

But his luck changed this past Saturday. On top of collecting binders and binders of club-related information, he also won the camo airgun door prize, pictured to the left.

“We came here to Tennessee instead of waiting for the Club U in Sacramento because we couldn’t wait to get started,” explained Maria. “Start on grants, fixing things, and look into building a new back stop. We just couldn’t wait.”

People might stop by Champion Arms (on Tuesdays for Ladies Night!) to squeeze off a few rounds, but they’ll be sure to come back for their service. “We had a fella fly in from AustraliaMack's wooden business card for Champion Arms specifically because of our service – least, that’s what he told us,” Mack said. “There’s always someone there to greet you, answer your questions, and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll pick up the phone and find someone who does. We don’t have a million-dollar store, but I guarantee that when a customer leaves our store or range, they are happy.”

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