By Kerrin Brinkman | March 12 2009 14:27

Throughout the halls of the Education & Training Division at NRA headquarters two voices can be distinctly heard. “Training Department, may I help you?” they ask.

Nestled within the heart of the Division is the Credentials Office, a clearinghouse for all civilian NRA Certified Instructors and Coaches.

Staffed by Senior Credentials Coordinator Gloria Brooks and Credentials Data Entry Operator Patricia Lewis, the Credentials Office serves as the hub of the Training Department. At any given time during the day,Gloria Brooks and Patricia Lewis in the Credentials Office staff members of the Training Department can be found within the office, asking questions of Brooks and Lewis.

Brooks and Lewis work tirelessly to process training credentials for the more than 57,000 NRA Trainers. “This is a pair of the hardest working individuals in the building,” says Training Department Manager Charles Mitchell.

Brooks, who has been with the NRA for 19½ years, and Lewis, who has over two years with the NRA under her belt, are known for their dedication and constant willingness to assist NRA’s Trainers. Education & Training Director Bill Poole attributes their hard work and long hours to the smooth operation of the Training Department.

“As important as the NRA’s Certified Instructor Program is, much of that success lies in the hands of these two women, who in an accurate and timely manner, process over 57,000 instructors and 3,000 coaches,” said Poole.

Instructors and Coaches: Please remember that credentials can take 4-6 weeks to process. Call the Credentials Office at (703) 267-1420 or (703) 267-1427 to renew your credentials or with questions regarding your certification. Save a phone call and renew online!


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