By Lars Dalseide | March 4 2009 10:43

Jim Supica Like any self-respecting National Firearms Museum Director, Jim Supica always seems to be surrounded by guns. After all, how does one acquire the depth of knowledge in the history of the mechanisms and manufactures required for such a position? It's almost an addiction. He described his plight in an address to the Virginia Gun Collector Association by saying, "My name's Jim, and I'm a gun collector. I started in the soft stuff, just a pistol for personal protection."

Mr. Supica continued his comparison with, "Look at the similarities. I went through denial, rationalization, and then I started dealing to support my habit!" What a card.

But whether at home on the Supica estate or here in the office, there are at least a few firearms in the vicinity. And like any self-respecting National Firearms Museum Director, he makes sure that the guns are secure.

Here at NRA headquarters, Mr. Supica keeps his firearms secure in two monster safes. While we can't reveal too many details surrounding these massive hunks of metal, we can say that they make quite the impression – almost as much as the treasures it protects. Some of those treasures are truly one-of-a-kind beauties that few of the casual collectors have ever seen. And, with a little bit of prompting, we just might be able to get a peek at what's inside Supica's safe.


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