By Kyle Jillson | February 4 2009 06:33
''Bad Boys'' - 2009 Print of the Year

The third big item introduced in the Friends of NRA 2009 merchandise is the 2009 Friends of NRA Print of the Year, brought to us by award-winning wildlife artist Eddie LeRoy.

“Bad Boys” is set in the savannas of Africa, with three Cape buffalo displaying their stern determination to protect the herd. These animals have very few predators and have sufficient ability to protect themselves and their young. LeRoy depicts these “Bad Boys” as they display their relentless attitude of doing just that. The unsettled dust and landscape gives a real representation of the Cape buffalo’s environment.

In true Africa fashion, the buffalo and oxpeckers serve to benefit one another as the birds feed off the insects that hassle the giant beast. Based on a photograph taken by LeRoy, the moment was so powerful he painted more with the thoughts and feelings the memory gave him rather than the picture itself. Leaving no detail to spare, he created a beautiful and uncompromising picture.

Friends of NRA has reproduced this painting as a giclèe – a form of fine art that uses inkjet printing to perfectly capture every detail. Each canvas comes in a Modena Vintage frame with oatmeal lining and measures 18½" x 35½". Every giclèe is printed, signed, numbered to 1,125, and framed in the U.S.A.

Learn more here.


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