By Lars Dalseide | December 5 2008 06:03
Hillsdale College is to be commended for its recent efforts to teach both the practical and academic aspects of the Second Amendment. Hillsdale, an independent liberal-arts college in Michigan, makes the Right accessible to its 1,356 thousand students on a daily basis by dedicating part of its curriculum to the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment. Hillsdale has recently begun development of a world-class, 77-acre outdoor firearms educational facility.

Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, said of the new facility, "We are pleased to have a place where our students can learn gun safety and shooting as a sport. From our beginnings in 1844, Hillsdale has taught and promoted constitutional rights and principles, and the Second Amendment is integral to those. This new program fits perfectly well with our classic liberal arts curriculum." The present cost of the project is $2 million, with a $2 million endowment set aside for the future costs of operation.

Currently, two sections of the one-credit course on Basic Shotgun are being offered through the facility. In the future, the facility will be open to the rest of the college, the community and college guests, and will serve as a training facility for local law enforcement officers.

However, the practical aspects of shooting are not the only lessons learned at The Hillsdale College Firearms Educational Facility. The estate of Mr. Ebersole has created the Roland L. Ebersole Scholarship to provide up to full tuition for qualified students who belong to shooting advocacy organizations. Additionally, Hillsdale plans to endow a chair for the teaching of American history and the Constitution, with a special emphasis on Second Amendment rights.

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