By Lars Dalseide | September 20 2008 13:30
High Woman
1st: Catherine Garduno, 442-14x
2nd: Sulan Peebles, 442-8x
3rd: Dominique Smith, 404-6x

1st: Josh Brown, 464-19x
2nd: Steve Starksspear, 458-19x
3rd: Michael Richards, 456-14x

1st: Sulan Peebles, 442-8x
2nd: Nicholas Laskar, 433-9x
3rd: Roberto Estrada, 413-4x

1st: Charles Moots, 464-22x

1st: Bowling Todd, 446-13x

1st: Kevin McPherson, 470-29x
2nd: Tim Harvey, 470-23x
3rd: Dennis Kussrow, 452-15x

1st: Tim Gonterman, 465-24x
2nd: Doug West, 452-16x

Major/Deputy Chief
1st: Paul Fiest, 366-11x

Deputy Sheriff
1st: Bowling Todd, 446-13x
2nd: Brandon Blackmon, 410-9x
3rd: Bradley Streiff, 404-10x

Police Officer
1st: Josh Brown, 464-19x
2nd: Russell Gould, 454-20x
3rd: Doug West, 452-16x

State Police
1st: Andy Baldridge, 464-20x
2nd: Steve Starksspear, 458-19x
3rd: Ronald Jackson, 443-14x

Federal Officer
1st: Charles Moots, 464-22x
2nd: Charles Pye, 455-21x
3rd: Sulann Peebles, 442-8x

Law Enforcement Academy
1st: Art Martinez, 457-20x
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