Classic High Standard 9-shot .22 revolvers donated to the NRA

3 .22 colored revolvers from High Standard

Fairfax, Virginia - It's never easy to make noise in the firearm industry. No matter how innovative your product may be, you need something to catch the consumer's eye. In the case of High Standard Manufacturing, they did so with color.

"They started with a lightweight aluminum frame," started NRA Museums Senior Curator Doug Wicklund. "But they wanted to make it different. So instead of coloring it black or bluish like every other gun, they decided to produce their .22 9-shot revolver in red, blue and also gold."

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Ruger SR 556 leaves New York for a new home at NRA headquarters in Virginia

Ruger SR 556 AR-15 rifle donated to the NRA by New York resident Fairfax, Virginia - New York's infamous "SAFE Act" (the Safe Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act) went into effect earlier this week. A largely cosmetic legislative offering, as are most gun control laws enacted over recent years, it instantly turned hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers into potential felons. Among other things, the act bans magazines holding more than 10 rounds, calls for the registration of so called "assault weapons", and outlaws commonplace features such as muzzle breaks and telescoping stocks.

The reaction by New York-based NRA members has been mixed. The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, our official state affiliate, filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the SAFE Act on constitutional grounds. Some sold their guns to friends and family living out-of-state. And one, a Mr. Steven Albright, donated his rifle to the National Firearms Museum.

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Same Girardoni air gun carried by Lewis & Clark during their 1804 expedition

Girardoni Air Rifle in .462 caliber donated to the NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - There are historic guns and there are historic guns. In the National Firearms Museum, those topping the list include the Mayflower gun, a selection from the personal collection of President Theodore Roosevelt, and revolver recovered from the rubble of 9/11. Missing from the Fairfax museum is the Girardoni air rifle. Missing until now.

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.68 caliber Austrian rifle on loan to National Firearms Museum from Tulsa Gun Show's Wanenmacher

Action & trigger of Wanenmacher's 16th Century double wheellock rifle at National Firearms Museum
The action of a 16th century Austrian double wheellock rifle on loan to the NRA Museum.

Fairfax, Virginia - There are thousands of guns on display at the National Firearms Museum. Big guns, small guns, old guns and new guns. A little bit of every gun for everyone. The collection grows every day. Yesterday, thanks to the generosity of Tulsa Gun Show's Joe Wanenmacher, we have what amounts to a 16th century full auto rifle.

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Mossberg MB 42 used to train American and Great Britain troops

Action of a World War II Mossberg MB 42 training rifle donated to the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - Donations arrived at the National Firearms Museum every day. Whether shipped in via crate or carried in a case, hardly a day goes by without something new being added to the collection. The man who meets most of those donations is Senior Curator Doug Wicklund.

"We got a pretty good one in today," said Wicklund. "A very nice gun made up in New Haven, Connecticut. Straight from Mossberg."

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NRA Museum Curator's display Guns of Teddy Roosevelt at the Martinsburg Gun Show

President Teddy Roosevelt kept this Fabrique Nationale Model 1900 semi-auto pistol in a White House night stand

Martinsburg, West Virginia - Four hours ago, the Martinsburg Gun Show opened their doors for business. With more than two hundred tables of guns, ammo, antiques and Gatling Guns, the show is sure to thrill the thousands of firearm enthusiast expected to attend this weekend. One table sure to garner a great deal of excitement is the one manned by Philip Schreier, Senior Curator of the NRA National Firearms Museum.

"We brought something special for the good people of West Virginia," said Schreier. "The guns of a President."

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View of a Mauser Training Rifle from the bolt captured by American forces in World War II

Fairfax, Virginia - Rifles, pistols and shotguns from across the centuries can be found throughout the halls of the National Firearms Museum. Colonial muskets, six-shooters from the Old West, and now, thanks to a recent donation, a World War II era Mauser Training Rifle.

"The gentleman who donated this wonderful Mauser tells us that his combat engineer group found two of these stowed in cosmoline," said Doug Wicklund, Senior Curator for the NRA National Firearms Museum. "It's interesting in that the German commercial proofs suggest it was probably from around 1935."

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Western Hemisphere Military leaders experience American History at the NRA

Senior Curator Doug Wicklund welcomes Latin American General to the NRA National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - Thousands of people make their way through the National Firearms Museum every year. The come in all shapes and sizes. Individuals, families and an interesting assortment of groups. When large enough, groups are usually provided with a guided tour of the museum ... much like the one received by representatives from the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) last year.

Created during World War II, the Inter-American Defense Board provides "member states with technical and educational advice and consultancy services on matters related to military and defense issues in the Hemisphere." The Washington, DC based operations welcomes everyone from Canada to Columbia. ... more on the Inter-American Defense Board's visit to the NRA Museum...

Austro-Hungarian Roth-Steyr pistol recovered at Battle of the Bulge

World War I era Roth-Steyr M1907 8mm pistol donated to the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - According to officials at the National Firearms Museum, roughly 99.99% of the guns in their collection are the product of donations. Some are the latest in firearm technology, some are novelty items and some are relics of days gone by. An example of the latter, is the Roth-Steyr M1907 8mm pistol donated by an Ohio family.

"It's a fantastic example of where great stuff comes in from members who want to pass along history," said Senior Curator Doug Wicklund.

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