NRA volunteers donate skills and time to restore firearms

This week in 2010, we spoke with a volunteer about the benefits of working for the National Firearms Museum. Here it is again for this weekend's NRAblog Rewind:
Fairfax, Virginia - Occasionally the NRA National Firearms Museum finds talented – and willing – volunteers. Volunteer John, pictured above, is typically on site every Tuesday, assisting Senior Curators Phil Schreier and Doug Wicklund and Museum Director Jim Supica with tasks large and small.

John told NRAblog he enjoys every minute of his time at the Museum.

“It’s a real thrill,” he said. “Often the only time a gun enthusiast would see some of these firearms is a picture or maybe a display. To handle them, and help sometimes to clean them – you’re holding history in your hands.”


Custom Camp Perry Springfield M1A Auction Benefits NRA volunteers

If you’ve always wanted to own a one-of-a-kind firearm then we’ve got the gun for you – the Camp Perry 5th Anniversary Commemorative NRA/Springfield Armory M1A Match Rifle. This custom M1A rifle comes with a rich walnut stock and a stainless steel national match barrel. But it’s the special engraving on the action and carving on the stock that makes this rifle a treasure that any collector would cherish.


Friends of NRA

Friends of NRA has named the recipients of their Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year award for 2011.

While there are many great volunteers who help put on events throughout the year, each of these select volunteers has had an outstanding impact on Friends of NRA at both the local and regional levels.

NRA Field Representatives recommend Area Volunteers of the Year, evaluating them on banquet tickets sold, underwriting received, years of service and other criteria. Recipients are awarded a “2011 Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year” jacket as well as special recognition from their Field Representative.


2012 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup poster
NRA's Competitive Shooting Division has just released the guide to the 2012 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup, meaning that in just a few months, hundreds of the world's best action pistol shooters will make the trek to the Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club outside Columbia, Missouri.

Scheduled for May 23-26, the 2012 NRA Bianchi Cup is one of the richest and most prestigious shooting championships in the world. Over $300,000 in prizes and cash is up for grabs, including the $15,000 in cash courtesy of title sponsor MidwayUSA that will go to the top-ranking first-time shooters.

Women, Junior & Men shooters who have never competed at the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup will take home $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second place and $700 for third place. This brings MidwayUSA's total sponsorship to more than $65,000, helping to fuel growth and additional sponsorship.


Kyle's Story #3 from 2011 - Friends of NRA's successful first season

Matt and Jessie Duff - Hosts of the Friends of NRA television showLast year Friends of NRA took the plunge onto the small screen, debuting a television show of the same namesake on the Outdoor Channel.

Hosted by professional shooter Jessie Harrison and retired Major League Baseball player Matt Duff, the two traveled across the United States, exploring the ins and outs of the grassroots fund-raising program.

Friends of NRA banquets are quite the experience to see and no two across the country are the same as Matt and Jessie experienced. Headed up by a tireless NRA Field Representative who helps conduct the committee staff and volunteers, each banquet may have its own unique style and variation in the items which are auctioned off, but one common theme connects them all – support for NRA and the Second Amendment. 


NRA volunteers on the range during the 2011 National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry

Every year, a hard working group of people help make various NRA events a success. From the National Matches at Camp Perry, to the NRA Bianchi Cup, and even the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, these dedicated men, women, and even a few children are the unsung heroes of the NRA. Who am I talking about? None other than our cadre of volunteers!


NRA Volunteer Charles Poles receives his 20 year service award from Larry Mead and Mike Krei

Last week, NRA lost a dear friend, Charles Poles. Known to most as Charlie, Poles was a dedicated volunteer for the NRA's Competitive Shooting Division, having worked the ranges at Camp Perry for 20 years.

Hailing from upstate New York, Poles began his volunteer work at Camp Perry as a Block Officer, watching over a group of shooters as they take the line, ensuring safe gun handling practices. As an avid and knowledgable shooter, Poles quickly advanced up the ranks to Tower Talker, giving the commands for the firing lines. He finally found himself as a Cheif Range Officer, overseeing all operations on Range 2 at the National Matches. Watch an NRANews' interview with Poles shot last year during the National Matches.

This July, Poles was recognized at the Camp Perry Volunteer Banquet for his 20 years of service. Charlie will truly be missed by all of his family here at NRA and remembered for his big smile, warm personality, and his dedication and service as a volunteer.

"I always enjoyed working with Charlie at Camp Perry," said Mike Krei, Director of Competitive Shooting Division. "He was great. It was a good day with Charlie on the line."

A team of volunteers on the range during the 2011 National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry

Each year, the National Rifle & Pistol Matches at Camp Perry near Port Clinton, Ohio rely on a cadre of volunteers to help keep all aspects of the event running smoothly. From working on the firing line to helping in the NRA Camp Perry store, our volunteers are the backbone of a successful summer at Camp Perry.

If you'd like to come be a part of our team, volunteer applications are now being accepted for the 2012 NRA National Matches. You can fill out and submit your application online or you can print and fax the application to 703-267-3941. See the tentative dates for each phase of the National Matches online, take a look at the Camp Perry Volunteer Brochure, and more on the NRA Volunteer website. You can even see other volunteer opportunities available including the NRA Bianchi Cup, the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, and other events around the country.

If you have questions about becoming a volunteer or would like more information, please contact Woody Arenas at or 703-267-1469.

During each phase of the NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships, we take time to recognize the service of our dedicated volunteers. Their help is essential to ensuring the success of the National Matches as they work everywhere from the firing line, to the NRA Camp Perry Store, and everywhere in between. 

Last night, we honored the 112 volunteers that are donating their time and efforts to the National Pistol Matches. Along with dinner and drawings for door prizes, we recognized several volunteers for reaching service year milestones. Those who received service awards are: 

5 Years  10 Years  15 Years  20 Years  25 Years  35 Years 
Mary Johnson Bill Batson  Randy Tomac  Jon Nortemann  Larry Mead  Jim Hartsock 
Bob Shaw  John Kaiser    Charles Poles  Glenn Sheathelm   
Lila Swearingen  Annette Reichman    Ralph Reichman     
Perry Hornbarger          

Above are just a few photos of our dedicated volunteers. From those who have served for decades, to those who are with us for the first time this year, we truly appreciate every that our volunteers do for us. If you're a shooter or a visitor here at Camp Perry, please thank a volunteer if you see them - they are the glue that holds these matches together. If you'd like to become an NRA Volunteer here at the National Matches or in another capacity, please visit or call 1-877-NRA-MATCH. 

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