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National Training Manager John Howard speaks at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis Fairfax, Virginia - Since 1871, the National Rifle Association has been the premier provider of basic firearms training. For over 141 years, NRA’s training has continued to grow and improve in order to provide our students with the most informative and professional training experience possible. Our training fosters knowledgeable and safe students. It works – firearm accidents are at an all-time low.

Along the way, we have gone through many improvements that started with the development of handbooks for students. Those handbooks contained hand-drawn images that evolved into black and white photographs to more recent times, high definition color photos. In 2013, some 380,000 student copies of NRA’s Basics of Pistol Shooting Handbook were sold.

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Over 60 hot items including SEAL knife, Universal holsters, and flashlights

Big big big NRA Store Sale! Get your life membership now!
We like to think that every Membership Monday is special, but the one brought to us by Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter promises to be a real crowd pleaser ...

Fairfax, Virginia - “Biggest” and “best” are two words that aptly describe the NRA and its members. And that’s why you’ll be thrilled with this news: the NRAstore is having its BIGGEST sale ever, while offering its BEST offer for NRA Life Memberships!

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Summer time usually means fun and sun but unfortunate it also bring out scammers and con artists. Look out for these common summer scams!

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim program logo
NRA's National Community Outreach Manager Eric Lipp is back with a collection summer scams to keep an eye out for ...

Home improvement scams are common because summer is often a time for repairs and upgrades, and homeowners are often vulnerable to people offering home repairs. Some ploys include repairmen that do only superficial repairs to make something look nicer, or start a job and then add extra costs that are necessary in order to complete the job. Others may simply take your deposit money and then disappear into thin air.

To avoid this, make sure you check references and be leery of anyone appearing out of the blue offering home improvement services or those who are not insured... Read the rest of Refuse to a Victim's summer scammer tips ...

Presidential firearms catch spotlight with actor Joe Mantegna

A full look at Theodore Roosevelt's 1894 Winchester lever action riflePresident Theodore Roosevelt's suppressed 1894 Winchester lever action rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - The crew from Outdoor Channel's Gun Stories spends about a week at the National Rifle Association every spring. With host and A-list actor Joe Mantegna at the ready, each episode concentrates on one specific gun. Here's a description from their website:

Gun Stories takes viewers through a firearm’s history, from the heart of the design through its use on the range... Find out more about Roosevelt's Rifles on Gun Stories ...

Includes first cartridge firearm produced at the Styer works in Austria

Collector brings a 1867 Steyr Verndl rifle to Sportsman Channel

Fairfax, Virginia - When NRA Museums Director Jim Supica trolls the aisle of Tulsa Gun Show for potential finds, odds are he's going to come back with something special. For this week's edition of Curator's Corner, he arrives with a splash of European excellence.

"These are historic guns from a very fascinating period of firearms evolution," Supica said. "In the 1860s, it was all about Colts & Winchesters here in the U.S., but there was a whole development going on in Europe with military rifles in particular.

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Versatile, high strength cord offers options for the outdoor experience

NRA Store's Tactical Survival Sling
NRAstore™ Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans swings in with a paracord option or two ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Parachute cord (also called paracord or 550 cord) is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II, due to its 550 lb. minimum breaking strength.  Once in the field, paratroopers found this cord useful for a host of other tasks. Today, it’s widely used as a general purpose and emergency utility cord by both military personnel and civilians.

The yarns of the core (commonly referred to as "the guts") can be removed when finer string is needed, for instance as sewing thread to repair gear, or to be used as fishing line in a survival situation.

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NRA Magazine provides shooting news, expert forums, product reviews, and an annual calendar of 15,000 matches

Shooting Sports USA Cover from August of 2014
American Rifleman, American Hunter, and America's 1st Freedom are the magazines most NRA members are familiar with. But for the competitive shooters out there, there's no better resource than Shooting Sports USA - now in it's 100th year of publication ...

Fairfax, Virginia – Shooting Sports USA, the National Rifle Association’s monthly journal for target shooting enthusiasts, is celebrating more than 100 years of reporting on competition shooting. The number one resource for target shooters, the magazine features shooting news, expert forums, product reviews, and an annual calendar of 15,000 matches.

Sign up for a free subscription and begin receiving a digital copy each month at www.shootingsportsusa.com.

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From NRA Publications - NRA Family InSights Announces Caption Contest

Grand Prize of LaserLyte Trainer Bullseye Kit

Fairfax, Virginia - NRA Family InSights, the entertaining and educational magazine for junior NRA members and their families, has announced a caption contest to give away a LaserLyte Trainer Bullseye Kit. Enter the contest at http://www.nrafamilyinsights.org/articles/Win-LaserLyte-Trainer-Bullseye-Kit-With-Your-Wit.
“Photos are an important part of any magazine, whether online or in print,” said Managing Editor Wendy LaFever. “But without context, some photos are begging for a caption and we think our readers can come up with some very clever ones.”

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NRA's Gun Safety program for kids takes part in national crime prevention program

Eddie Eagle with kids and their School Resource Officer Fairfax, Virginia - National Night Out.

Organized by National Association of Town Watch's Matt Peskin back in 1984, National Night Out is an effort by communities to show the local criminal element that we are organized and ready to push back. From that first night back in 1984, the event has grown into an outing celebrated by almost 40 million people across globe. Everything from candlelight marches to block parties to cookouts and parades are part of the demonstration. As is NRA's Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program.

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