Injured servicemen and women from Fort Belvoir Military Hospital invited for a day at the range

Recovering veteran inspects her target with NRA Range Safety Officer Matt Sharpe

Fairfax, Virginia - Earlier this month, a group of recovering veterans from Fort Belvoir Military Hospital were welcomed to a day at the National Rifle Association.

Organized by NRA Range Customer Service Specialist Debbie Crews, the afternoon included a tour of the National Firearms Museum, a behind the scenes lunch, and a trip behind the firing line at the NRA Headquarters Range. A day away from their regular routines of rehab and respite to unwind behind a few of Samuel Colt and John Browning's finest.

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CCW Shoulder Bag for the woman who wants to be fashionable and prepared

NRA Women’s CCW Shoulder Bag
Brian Evans, Senior Merchandise Buyer for the NRAstore™, reaches into the realm of Coach, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Stella McCartney with a conceal carry option for the fashionable Miss ...

Fairfax, Virginia - We’ve noticed the trend – the number of female gun owners has been skyrocketing. And with that, the number of issued CCW permits continues to grow. As many more women begin to carry self-defense handguns – the need for more stylish, affordable carry methods can’t be ignored.

All the ladies here at NRA HQ say we struck a chord with our CCW Shoulder Bag. For the woman who likes to travel prepared this faux leather purse has space for everything – including a handgun!

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Members of the Missouri Scholastic Pistol Team enjoy pistols paid for with NRA grants

Fairfax, Virgnia - Most people only see one side of the Friends of NRA program — the side that brings together a collection of local Second Amendment supporters for an evening of games, auctions, drawings and a meal. That's when they discover that the doctor down the street, the architect in their office building or their kids soccer coach is part of the NRA experience too. On those nights, the are told that half the money raised at the event goes to local shooting sports activities.

But they don't always see the end result. Until now ...

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First time female shooters learn rifles, pistols, shotguns and more at NRA's Women on Target clinic

Teen shooter at an NRA Women on Target clinic smiles as she sits to fire a blackpowder rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - Earlier this week, we told you about the Women's on Target clinic held at the Arlington Fairfax Chapter of the Izaak Walton League. What you told us is more. Let's see the ladies out there busting clays, tuning up targets and having an all around good time. Well we're not about to disappoint.

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Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless also known as New Departure and Lemon Squeezer

A Smith & Wesson Hammerless Revolver attributed to Teddy Roosevelt

Tulsa, Oklahoma - NRA Museums Director Jim Supica made the most of the few days he spent at last month's Tulsa Arms Show. He inspected a few hundred guns, walked almost ten miles of displays, and recorded nearly 20 episodes of Curator's Corner for Cam & Company on Sportsman Channel. Given the vast quantities of firearms at his disposal, you have to wonder why he'd choose such a teeny-tiny gun like the Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless?

Besides the fact that it was the property of the President of the United States of course.

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Unfurl your favorite flag this summer with a hand from the NRA Store

American flags, Gadsden Flags and more at the NRA Store
A lot of flags fly high and proud here at the National Rifle Association. If you're in need of something special to hoist in the air, I give you this offering from NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Get the gun banners the gun banners would love to ban! To protect their right to keep and bear arms, firearm owners across the country are raising their battle flags in defense of freedom. Whether it’s for your home, office, business, shooting range, rally or shop, the NRAstore has just the banner you need to show your unwavering commitment to the Second Amendment!

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More than 100 take their first step in rifle, shotgun and pistol shooting

Young lady taking aim on NRA's Women on Target shotgun course

Fairfax, Virginia - Thousands of NRA events kick off every year. We're talking rifle competitions, basic pistol classes, gun range evaluations, Refuse to be a Victim seminars and more. Unfortunately, most of us here at headquarters don't get a chance to see our members and supporters enjoy the programs NRA provides. That's why we make a point of attending event close to home — like the Women on Target clinic yesterday at the Arlington Fairfax Chapter of the Izaak Walton League.

"Izaak Walton is kind enough to hold a Women on Target clinic every Mother's Day Saturday," said Diane Danielson, NRA's Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic Coordinator. "And every year it gets better and better."

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West Virginia's Peacemaker National Training Center hosting 3-Gun match this Saturday

NRA Sports' Samantha Olsen ready for a weekend full of 3-Gun fun

Fairfax, Virginia - You always know what you’re going to see when you run into NRA Sports’ Samantha Olsen — chipper smile, a quick laugh and an enthusiasm for the job that most envy. But what you don’t expect to see, at least on a Thursday, is Sam sporting a jeans and t-shirt combo. Ah, but that’s a good reason for that. She’s got a 3-gun match brewing.

“We’re loading up guns and ammo and heading to the Peacemaker National Training Center tomorrow,” said Olsen. “Tomorrow we set up and Saturday we shoot.”

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Find out what to expect from the world's biggest gun show right here in Tulsa

John Popp (l), Joe Wanenmacher (c) and NRA Museums Director Jim Supica at the Tulsa Arms Show

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Sure you've been to a gun show before. But have you ever been to the gun show? Well if you haven't been out to Oklanoma for Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show then the answer is no.

"I've been coming here twice a year for a quarter of a century," said NRA Museums Director Jim Supica. "It is spectacular."

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