NRA Training Counselor Logo on NRAblog Steve Hoback, NRA's Senior Training Program Coordinator, recently returned from Belleville, New Jersey where he and fellow Training Counselors Anthony Colandro, Louis Fico and Chuck Lehnert taught a Training Counselor Development Workshop.

Training Counselors are experienced NRA Certified Instructors who are appointed by the NRA Training Department to train new instructors. In short, Training Counselors train the trainers.

Hosted by New Jersey-based firearms training company Gun For Hire, 19 new Training Counselors were appointed from six different states, spanning from Ohio to Rhode Island.

"The Workshop staff are proud and honored to have been part of the development of this part of the next generation of NRA Training Counselors," said Hoback. "All 19 of the newly appointed Training Counselors demonstrate they have the Knowledge, Skills and attitude to both develop and mentor new Instructors to ensure the tradition of National standard safe firearm training is upheld in the future."

To learn more about becoming an NRA Appointed Training Counselor, send an email to To view all of NRA's Training Courses or find one in your area, visit

Thanks to Rob Beckman for passing along the following report and photo from a Training Counselor Workshop in Kansas.   

The trainers and students from a Training Counselor Workshop in Kansas

Kansas City, Kansas - No one could had planned for nicer weather on the last weekend of winter. It was under those sunny skies and 80 degree weather that NRA's Education and Training Department conducted a Training Counselor Development Workshop (TCDW) at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation in Kansas City, Kansas.


NRA Training on NRAblog It takes a lot to be an NRA Training Counselor. Not because you're teaching people how to shoot, but because you're teaching people how to teach people how to shoot. Or, as NRA Senior Training Program Coordinator Steve Hoback puts it, you're instructing the instructors. That's why the NRA Education & Training Department puts so much emphasis on their Training Counselor Development Workshop.

"These workshops are vital," said Hoback. "They prepare our instructors to take the next step, to become the gatekeepers of NRA Basic Firearms Training."

"These men and women are about to become facilitators and evaluators," said Instructor Program Coordinator Andrew Lander. "It's no where near as easy as it may sound."


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