From the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department - Public Hunter Bags New Texas State Record Alligator

Braxton Bielski caught the 14-foot, 3-inch, 800-pound giant on a hook and line and then dispatched it with a rifle during a public hunt on the James E. Daughtrey WMA. © Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Austin, Texas – A young hunter who grew up with a fascination about dinosaurs and a dream of hunting what some call “living dinosaurs” has harvested the largest alligator ever certified in Texas. Braxton Bielski, an 18-year-old high school senior on his first alligator hunt, bagged the behemoth 800-pound, 14-foot, 3-inch gator during a recent public hunt on the James E. Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area.

Braxton and his father, Troy Bielski, were among 481 applicants vying for 10 alligator permits issued through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s public hunting program for a five-day hunt at the Daughtrey WMA.

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Winners and favorites from History Channel competition teach kids the basics in Houston

Top Shot favorite Gabby Franco laughs with kids at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas - On the first day of May, the Annual Meetings' NRA Youth Day welcomed more than a thousand kids to the second floor of the George R. Brown Center. Walking through the blue and white gateway, families were instantly greeted with a special wrist band, bags of popcorn, and tons of information about the shooting sports. A few steps more revealed crowns of faux antlers, vendors with samples and a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

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Wagan from Texas is youngest, Arkansas' Burd repeats as oldest champ

Elaih Wagan, NRA's youngest life member at the Annual Meeting in Houston, carried by her father Taylor Houston, Texas - "This morning, we will continue the long standing tradition of recognizing the youngest and the oldest life members in attendance at the NRA Annual Meeting of Members."

Those were the words of NRA President David Keene. In the opening minutes of Saturday's Annual Meeting of Members, the search for the cornerstones of NRA's Life Membership began. Wrangled by Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's littlest members were asked to stand with their parents as LaPierre counted down the years. If we call out the year you were born, please sit down. One by one the numbers dwindled. When he reached 2009, only one pair was still standing.

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Dallas Arms Collector brings in .54 caliber rifle to NRA Convention

The action of an 1850s Hakwen plains rifle at the NRA Museum

Houston, Texas - While on the road the Annual Meeting in Houston, the boys from NRANews kidnapped Philip Schreier (Senior Curator for the NRA National Firearms Museum) for the better part of a Sunday afternoon. With Phil hitting the road for an extended stay at your better Best Westerns and Holiday Inns for the better part of two months, there was a need to get a few episodes of Curator's Corner in the can. All they needed was a handful of guns and a quiet corner of the George R. Brown Center. Guess which was easier to find.

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T-shirts from the 2013 Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston, Texas, now available at

Specials on shirts, hats and more from the NRA Convention in Houston

NRAstore™ Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans put together something special for this week's Membership Monday. Something with a Houston, Texas twang.

Fairfax, Virginia - Did you make it down to Houston for the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits? Let's say you did. Let's say you were one of the 86,000 to walk the halls, hear the speakers and take in this year's Second Amendment celebration. Let's say it was all you could ask for and more.

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NRA Foundation Banquet brings thrills to thousands in Houston

Thousands gather in the Hilton Americas-Houston Grand Ballroom for the NRA Foundation Banquet in Houston

Houston, Texas - On the first night of the NRA Convention in Houston, a few NRA members got together for a meal. Correction ... a few thousand NRA Members got together for a meal. A meal and an auction. The National NRA Foundation Banquet.

A tough ticket no matter what the political environment, the NRA Foundation Banquet serves two primary purposes; a welcome and a fundraising. Winning a few games, guns and auctions is just the icing on the cake.

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Rocker Ted Nugent works with wounded veterans, shares story at NRA Convention in Houston

Ted Nugent laughs at a joke during the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas Nobody gets the crowds rocking harder than the Motor City Madman, and his appearance at the NRA Convention on Sunday was no exception. This experience, however, ended a little different than the others. Sure there was talk of guns and politics and the spirit of the hunt, but that soon gave way to a more somber moment. The moment when the Nuge revealed one of his darkest secrets.

"I've got to admit something right here. I feel guilty. You know it's hard to find ammo. I'm sorry … I've got it all.

"I'm really sorry about that. I've got this hobby."

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More great photos from the exhibit hall at this year's NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Kimber pistols at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Houston, Texas - The official number for this year's NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is out! More than 86,000 Second Amendment supporters traveled to Houston last weekend for a celebration of America's rich shooting heritage.

Between dozens of activities, events and seminars, attendees had plenty to do while wandering through the George R. Brown Convention Center. Oh yeah, there was also a massive exhibit hall.

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Famed impressionist Frank Caliendo breaks out Bush, Obama, Madden and more at NRA Annual Meeting

Frank Caliendo at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Fairfax, Virginia - Thousands of NRA members were treated to a performance by comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo during the NRA's Stand and Fight Rally in Houston.

A part of the 142nd NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, the Stand and Fight Rally was the main entertainment event in a weekend full of celebration of America's rich heritage and the Second Amendment.

Caliendo, who is known for his roles on MADtv, Fox NFL Sunday and Frank TV, has mastered 120 impressions of famous individuals. He's best known for his renditions of NFL Hall of Fame coach John Madden, NBA Hall of Fame power forward Charles Barkley and United States Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

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