South Carolina range welcomes outdoor writers and photographers for morning shoot

Shotgun shells discarded across the path to the elevated station

Swansea, South Carolina - The bus arrived so early last weekend in Columbia, South Carolina, that there was time for a second coat of morning frost to dance across the diesel stained windows. A ragtag collection of outdoor writers, photographers and tv producers trudged from the breakfast bar to the doors in zombie-like fashion.

Though exhausted from a week's worth of lessons, seminars and workshops, our sunrise trek held the promise of gun powder — making the early AM awakening all the more worth while.

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South Carolina's Pine Island Club sees new outdoor gear in action

Two ladies take part in the 2013 POMA Camp Cook Off in South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina - The second full day at the 8th Annual Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Business Conference split time between two specific locations — the Columbia-Greystone Embassy Suites for a series of educational seminars and the Pine Island Club for POMA Camp.

POMA Camp's allow media professionals the opportunity to give a few of the latest outdoor products a try in the field. Those products included a variety of hunting sights from Aimpoint, a collection of outdoor grills from Camp Chef, and a handful of Ram Trucks from Dodge.

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Professional Outdoor Media Association Business Conference brings in the best of the outdoors

Aimpoint sights on display at the 2013 POMA Conference in Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina - The first official day at the 2013 Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Business Conference in Columbia kicked off with a selection of seminars on everything from Why Social Media is a Must to Practical Photography to What Outdoor Television Networks Want. Held at the Embassy Suites Columbia-Greystone, the conference runs from Wednesday March 7th through Saturday March 10th.

In addition to the educational seminars, attendees are invited to a variety of "hands on" experiences including POMA camps, a trip to the local gun range and the product showcase.

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Forecasts fall considerably short of meteorologists' mark, cause needless shutdowns and closings

Columbia, South Carolina Airport at night

Alexandria, Virginia - Things were scheduled to start earlier then normal yesterday. Traveling to South Carolina for the Professional Outdoor Media Association Conference (POMA), the plans held for a morning arrival at Reagan National Airport followed by a one hour flight to Columbia. But that never happened. Instead there was snow.

Or was there?

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Eddie Eagle says STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program taught its valuable lesson to students in South Carolina thanks to Sergeant Tony Ayers

Sergeant Tony Ayers of the Lexington County Sheriff's Department in South Carolina is a big supporter of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.

"I feel it is very important to teach gun safety to kids," Ayers said. "Hopefully I will speak to that one kid who will remember what I said and that will prevent a child from being shot."

There are two main reasons why he likes teaching Eddie Eagle's message:

Toy guns, like Air Soft, look identical to and function just like real firearms.

"Without the Eddie Eagle program teaching kids to not touch guns they could easily mistake a real one for a toy," Ayers said.

Second, not all kids have the opportunity to learn how to safely handle firearms and that they aren't to be played with if found. The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program steps in and makes sure all children know not to play with a gun if they find one.

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11 paper and 7 steel targets on NRA Tactical Police course

View from the top of NRA's Louisiana Tactical Police Competition course #4

Anderson, South Carolina - Though the sun rose high last Saturday at the Skip J Range, the shadows loomed even larger during NRA's Louisiana Tactical Police Competition (TPC). Hiding the fears and frustration of competitors as they made their way through the seven courses, our cameras were only able to capture so much. What we captured on Course #4 (pictured above) – titled "Suspect on the Loose" – was almost close enough to taste the gun powder.

It began as shooters stood on the starting line — duty gun holstered and ready to go.

Running down the hallway in NRA's Suspect on the Loose course


Shooters start on their bellies before picking up their pistols

Anderson, South Carolina - NRA's Tactical Police Competition in Anderson, South Carolina was comprised of seven different courses that challenged the competitors speed, accuracy and mobility. The second course, housed in the second bay of the Skip J Range, focused on the handgun.

Starting in the prone position with their pistol (muzzle down range) just out of reach. When the bell sounds, they recover their firearm and engage eight separate targets from three different firing positions.

The average score on course #2 was 36 seconds.

More than 90 law enforcement officers compete at the Skip J Range

NRA Tactical Police Competition winners Eric Eckhardt and Marc Scroggins
Eric Eckhardt, on the left, and Marc Scroggins, on the right, pose with NRA Law Enforcement Competitions Manager Marc Lipp after winning their divisions at NRA's South Carolina Tactical Police Competition.

Anderson, South Carolina - After a full day of pistols, rifles and shotguns at the Skip J Range, Marc Scroggins and Eric Eckhardt won their respective divisions at NRA's South Carolina Tactical Police Competition in Anderson. Seven courses that test the skills of law enforcement officers and military personnel, Tactical Police Competitions (TPC) place competitors in real-life situations that test their mobility, accuracy and decision making process.


Leaders in NRA's Tactical Police Competition after two rounds

NRA TPC's office shooting simulation in South Carolina Officer firing his rifle during the NRA's Tactical Police Competition at the Skip J Range.

Anderson, South Carolina - NRA Law Enforcement Division's Tactical Police Competition is almost at a close. As competitors finish up the final rounds, preliminary scores are finding their way to the public. As participants are moving from one stage to another, a comprehensive breakdown of the preliminary scores is not possible. Instead, we offer top registered scores (so far) from stages 4 and 5 for the Patrol Division and stages 2 and 3 for the Tactical Division.


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