Real deer scents made for real deer hunters by real deer farmers

The Evercalm Deer Herd bag on display at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada - I always find it fascinating to hear the story of invention ... especially while wandering the countless booths during SHOT SHow. What was the inspiration? A wanting need, a life long dream or, in the case of ConQuest Scent Sticks, poor time management.

"One of our guys was out in the fields when the day ended," Karen Roberts began (Karen owns the ConQuest Deer Farm in Michigan with her husband Doug). "Like a lot of our people, he planned to go deer hunting right after work.

"He was covered in sweat, covered in deer food and, well, covered in deer excrement. Because he was running late, he just grabbed his bow and headed for the stand. When he got there, something amazing happened."

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Mike, Joachim and Andreas Kruger of Germany's Kruger Targets at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada - A number of international players took to the field in Las Vegas during the 2013 SHOT Show. E.M.G. from Italy, Armament Technology from Nova Scotia and Kruger Premium Targets from Germany.

After a successful first run at the 2012 NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio, the call for Kruger targets has been picking up steam.

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Sig Sauer debuts 5.56mm and 7.62mm suppressors during Media Day

Sig Sauer suppressor at SHOT Show's Media Day in Boulder City, Nevada

Boulder City, Nevada - We were expecting to see quite a bit when heading out to Boulder City last week for SHOT Show's Media Day at the Range. Rifles, pistols, shotguns and scopes ... anything you can think of. But one thing we definitely didn't have on the expectation list was a collection of suppressors coming from the factories of Sig Sauer.

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More gear then guns on the last day of SHOT Show at the Sands

Bersa pistols on display at SHOT Show 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada - It was over before it began.

After more than 60,000 people made their way through the 1,600+ booths and 600,000+ square feet of real estate inside the Sands Expo Center, the SHOT Show was done.

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Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show ends with record numbers

Black Rain Ordinance taking in final orders for sales at the 2013 SHOT Show inside the Sands Expo Center.

Las Vegas, Nevada - The 2013 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (also known as the SHOT Show), wrapped up this afternoon at 4:00 pm local time. Setting a new overall attendance record of 62,371, the show also experienced a record number of buyers and members of the media.

"This was my first SHOT and man, what an awesome experience," said Luke from Idaho. "I really hope I have the chance to come back next year."

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Gunny Ermey taking in the fans at SHOT Show's Glock Booth

Gunny R. Lee Ermey talks with fans at the 2013 SHOT Show Glock booth in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada - If you've been waiting to see Gunny R. Lee Ermey at this year's SHOT Show, then you've been waiting too long. Because the longer you wait, the longer you'll have to wait.

"He (Gunny) is easily one of the top attractions at SHOT," said one Glock representative. "But that's true for almost everywhere he goes."

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Recognized for exemplary work with NRA to introducing youth to the shooting sports

NRA's Claudia Olsen, 2013 Crosman Champions of Youth Marksmanship Award winner

Las Vegas, Nevada - Yesterday during the 2013 SHOT Show our very own National Youth Programs Coordinator, Claudia Olsen, received the prestigious Crosman Champions of Youth Marksmanship Award for her nationwide work of fostering the shooting sports lifestyle in our next generation.

"It's a big honor to even be considered for the award, let alone receive it." Olsen said. "It feels great to know that my work makes the shooting sports exciting to our next generation and encourages youngsters them to get out and try it."

Officially, the Crosman Champions of Youth Marksmanship Award recognizes:

“An individual or individuals whose commitment to excellence in youth shooter education and dedication to a lifetime of safe shooting has enhanced the future of the sport.”

Olsen was first introduced to the world of shooting in when her father was stationed in Germany. Her mother, a Bavarian airgun champion, taught Claudia the ins and outs of airgunning. After having children of her own, the family became involved in the Virginia 4H shooting program as she became an instructor in rifle, shotgun and muzzle loader. After joining the NRA's Youth Programs Department in 2008, Olsen creates teaching materials and organizes countless shooting events that reach upwards of 750,000 youngsters annually.

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New Law Enforcement gear at SHOT Show includes rifles, pistols, scopes, body armor and zombie repellent

Suppressed pistol on display at the 2013 SHOT Show at the Sands in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada - While anyone who gains entrance into the SHOT Show is allowed to wander in and out of any hall inside the Sand Expo Center, only a few are permitted to place orders from those you'll find in the Law Enforcement section of the event. So what you see here isn't necessary what you're going to find on the shelves of your local gun shop anytime soon. But as they say, it never hurts to look.

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Outgo Microfiber towels 5 times more absorbent then regular cloth towels

The PT and regular Outgo Microfiber towel from McNett at SHOT Show

Las Vegas, Nevada - Our first venture into the Law Enforcement section of the 2013 SHOT Show produced many a discovery. Tactical shields, night vision scopes, non-lethal ordinance and a plethora of swat gear. Which makes it all the more amusing that the product catching my eye was the Outgo Microfiber towel by McNett Tactical.

"Little things make a big difference for our fighting men and women," said McNett Tactical Brand Manager Gerald Craft. "Our microfiber towels provide them with something even better then what they have at home."

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