College kids and their shotguns from day 1 at the 2013 ACUI Clay Target Championship

Shooter takes aim in International Skeet during the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - While clouds, wind and the threat of rain loomed over yesterday's International Skeet Championships, hundreds of shooters powered through their rounds of skeet to complete 1/4 of the ACUI Clay Target Championships.

For a competition with so many shooters from so many teams, you may be wondering why group photos seem so varied in the schools represented. Why aren't teams shooting together? It's in the rules, of course. Shooters are randomly squadded in International Skeet. ACUI plugs everyone into the computer, hits a button, and squadding is done.

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Lions on the way to their tenth consecutive overall ACUI Clay Target championship

Clay target leaves a low house at the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - The International Skeet Championship churn on as hundreds of shooters compete not only for their school's team standing, but for individual glory as well. Beginning early this morning, competitors go through four rounds of skeet, attaining a maximum score of 100.

There aren't any perfect scores yet, but we got close when Lindenwood's Dustin Perry shot a 98 earlier this afternoon. Perry remains in the lead for the men's championship as everyone else shuffles into line before the top six shooters are selected for one more winner-take-all round of skeet.

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International Skeet Shotgun Championships kick off the 2013 ACUI Clay Target title hunt

Clemson University shooter at the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - Clouds hang low over the National Shooting Complex while light sprinkles of rain mist upon the darken fields. Shooters at the ACUI Clay Target Championships are not exempt from the drizzle. It is not the ideal sunny and warm late-March Texas weather everyone expected, but it's far from intrusive enough to cause any delays. These kids are ready to shoot.

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Weekend of collegiate Trap and Skeet shooting begins in Texas' Alamo City

ACUI Shooters look on during American Skeet

San Antonio, Texas - March Madness takes hold as hundreds of student athletes descended upon city of San Antonio for the 45th Annual Association of College Unions International's Clay Target Championships. The Shotgun Championships.

Unlike the NCAA Basketball Tournament, there will be no buzzer beaters, full court press or Sports Center highlights. We have a brand of excitement all our own.

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Retired Texas Detective keeps memories of past profession alive

NRA's Law Enforcement Division was created in the 1960s to provide law enforcement agencies with the best in firearms training. Since then, their services have expanded to included armorer schools, skills competitions and benefits for those on the job. Benefits that include those who fall in the line of duty.

Many organizations do the exact same thing. There is one in San Antonio, for example, that provides families of the fallen with a symbol of honor at no charge at all.

"We learned about Detective Putnam through our contacts in the Law Enforcement community," said NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer. "It's an incredible story."

Detective David Putnam, retired from the San Antonio Police Department, operates a jewelry store called SA Diamonds. Offering everything from rings to money clips and charms, Putnam specializes in the memorialization of badges. He's been making this jewelry for so long that he has a badge (in the form of a pendant) for almost every jurisdiction in the United States. But it's what he's been doing with those pendant over the years that merits recognition.

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Texas Police Officers round out top three at San Antonio Tactial

Office Quick of the Round Rock Police Department in Texas

San Antonio, Texas - Why wait a little more then a month to offer a nod to those who finished third at NRA's San Antonio Tactical Police Competition? Things do have a way of piling up around here. There's so much to write (and so much to do) that we're often forced to leave a few bites on the table while moving on to the next course. So now we go back to the Law Enforcement piece of the pie.

The San Antonio Tactical Police Competition, held early this November at the Blackhawk Shooting Range, saw almost a hundred competitors head out into the sun. Coming from all corners of law enforcement, the shooters were divided into two specific groups — Tactical and Patrol. The courses are all the same, it's only the equipment that changes.

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Training & practice produce luck & wins for San Antonio Policeman

Greg Foster from SIG SAUER and San Antonio Police officer Lee Biegert after Lee won a Sig P250 Compact 9mm at NRA's TPC in Albuquerque, New Mexico
San Antonio Police Department's Lee Biegert stands with Greg Foster from SIG SAUER after winning a P250

San Antonio, Texas - "I've never won anything in my life."

Those were the words of San Antonio Police Officer Lee Biegert after breaking the drought. And this win was just the beginning.

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NRAblog Rewind goes back to San Antonio for the 2011 Tactical Police Competitions at the Blackhawk Range

One of my favorite Tactical Police Competition videos of all time. Here's the post from 2011.

San Antonio, Texas - Course number 2 at the NRA's Tactical Police Competition in San Antonio, Texas was titled "Close Quarters Rifle II." When the timer sounds, the shooter spins and fires at a single target down range. After landing two hits, he/she makes their way to the second firing area — a simulated hallway that leads ultimately leads to faux wall. All that's left are five targets on the left and three targets on the right.

Ting Sun of the McKinney Police Department was kind enough to wear one of our helmet cameras while running through the course to provide you with an inside look at the challenge.

Officers deploy pistols, shotguns & rifles at NRA Tactical

San Antonio, Texas - A good portion of NRA's Law Enforcement Division staff spent last week in San Antonio. All in preparation for their final Tactical Police Competition of the year.

Above is the taste of the action as competitors run through six separate courses on the Blackhawk Shooting Range with their duty pistols, rifles and shotguns.

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