NRA's David Keene and Kayne Robinson during the Hunters Rights seminar at the NRA Convention

St. Louis, Missouri - Headlined by NRA President David Keene and Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson, this weekend's seminar covering “What NRA Does for Hunters” took place on Saturday at the America's Center Convention Complex. Sponsored by Cabela's, the 3 p.m. round table covered everything from the mounting influence of animal rights’ groups on hunting to the falling accessing public hunting lands.

"It's a big country, there's a lot of urbanization, and people are destroying places to hunt, places to shoot in preparation for hunting," said Robinson, "They create mountains of regulation that the average person is unwilling to put up with."


St. Louis, Missouri - NRA's Meeting of Members opened this morning inside the Edward Jones — home of the National Football League's St. Louis Rams. The Meeting of Members is a once-a-year gathering where NRA Members have the opportunity to hear the Executive Staff's agenda for the coming year and pose questions to the committee.

Those walking onto the dais included General Operations Director Kayne Robinson, ILA Executive Director Chris Cox, Secretary Major Jim Land and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.


St. Louis, Missouri - Kayne Robinson, the Executive Director of NRA General Operations, meets with "General Grant" of the Single Action Shooting Society during the 2012 Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the America's Center.

J.R. Robbins has been working on the front lines of hunting for decades. As Managing Editor for, he's heard story after story about how the lands and opportunities America use to enjoy when it comes to hunting has been evaporating before our very eyes. That's why he is the perfect choice to head up the “What NRA Does for Hunters” seminar at the 2012 Annual Meetings and Exhibits next week in St. Louis.

Sponsored by Cabela's, J.R. will be joined by NRA President David Keene, General Operations Executive Director Kayne Robinson, NRA-ILA Hunting Policy Manager Darren La Sorte and others to take another look at issues such as:


Bass Pro's NASCAR with NRA logos at the NRA Annual Meeting

No. 39 Chevrolet Impala driven by Ryan Newman in the July 2 Coke Zero 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Daytona International Speedway. NRA's Kayne Robinson stands on the left.

Tomorrow is the 54th running of the Daytona 500. Ryan Newman, driver of the #39 Bass Pro Shops car, won the race back in 2008 with an average speed of 152.672 miles per hour.

While in Pittsburgh for last year's NRA Convention, Bass Pro premiered an NRA look for the Sprint Cup Car Ryan would would be racing in the 2011 Coke Zero 400. Although Ryan will be hitting the pavement sans NRA signage tomorrow, we wish him a good speed from his #17 starting position.

Norma USA opens ammo operations in America

Norma Ammunition CEO Torbjörn Lindskog and NRA's Kayne Robinson at SHOT Show 2012Las Vegas, Nevada - I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little about about guns. If there’s a question about a particular firearm, either I’ll place a call to the boys over in the NRA National Firearms Museum or run over to the NRA Publications office down the hall. And Brinkman, yes, sometimes I’ll ask NRAblog’s Kerrin Brinkman too. But when it comes to ammunition, the first place I go for the info is NRA General Operations Executive Director Kayne Robinson.

Whether you’re target shooting, varmint hunting or heading out for an African safari, Kayne can tell you exactly what ammo you’re going to need. That’s why I went to him when we started talking about writing a post on Norma USA.


NPSC Legends Smith & Wesson revolver highlighted on NRANews

Captain Philip Hemphill shares his Smith & Wesson Model 64 on Curator's Corner There's a great deal of travel involved when you work for the National Firearms Museum. This weekend, Senior Curator Phil Schreier is off to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 10th Annual SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) Convention and Wild West Christmas. A couple of weeks ago, Museum Director Jim Supica was in Oklahoma for the Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show. And that's where they taped a whole boatload of guns for Curator's Corner on NRANews.

First to make an appearance is a Smith & Wesson Model 64 revolver owned by ten-time National Police Shooting Champ Philip Hemphill.

More on Hemphill's Smith & Wesson 64 ...

NBC's Under Wild Skies followed NRA General Operations Exectutive Director Kayne Robinson while on safari in Africa. Earlier this month, we shared a video of Robinson while on the trail of a kubu buck. But before finding their way to the kudu, they came across one heck of a warthog.

Kanye Robinson, NRA's Executive Director of General Operations, recently went to Africa on safari. While in country, NBC's Under Wild Skies was there with their crew to capture the action. In the above segment, Robinson and professional hunter Willie MacDonald are on the hunt for the elusive kudu.

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