Ideal conditions at National Rifle Matches sets stage for high scores

Shooter takes aim during the early rounds on day three at the NRA Long Range High Power Rifle matches at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - There are five days in NRA’s National Long Range High Power Rifle Championship. Five days of firing round after round at 6’ by 6’ targets up to 1,000 yards away. Five days of Camp Perry’s wind bouncing off Lake Erie while the sun fights to break through the occasional cloud.

Two sets of relays have already taken their respective Shooter Shuttles out to The Pits … home of those 6’ by 6’ targets. There competitors take their turn at lifting and lowering the behemoth paper squares with every shot. Once fired upon, the target is lowered, scored, and raised back into place.

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Army marksmen dominate from one end of Camp Perry to the other at NRA High Power week

2014 NRA Mid-Range Rifle Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Running one range over at Camp Perry, alongside this year's NRA High Power Rifle Championship, is the NRA Mid-Range Rifle Championship.

Still sporting wet paint, the championship was introduced at least year's National Matches and is shot F-Class, which is target shooting with scope sights and artificial support (e.g. bipods and slings). F-Class was created by older High Power shooters who wanted to keep up the sport but needed assistance to zero in on the targets and keep their rifles steady. Over the years the sport grew to attract young shooters looking to ease into High Power shooting and has developed quite a following.

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Gusts break frames, rip targets, delay start of matches

2014 Army Cup at the NRA National High Power Championship, presented by Remington, at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - For the first time in history, Camp Perry's High Power Championships and Mid-Range Championships are delayed due to wind.

Notorious for it's occasional brutal conditions, the National Matches experienced blasts so strong this morning that targets were strewn across the range. Start time for the Appreciation Cup, the day's first match, has been pushed back to noon ... if the winds subside. Should shooting resume before the wind fully dies down, expect some interesting scores as competitors are forced to wrestle with the wind.

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Postal Match team from the United States led by TCU's Katie Bridges

Junior Shooters at the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships

Bristol, Indiana - Every year at the NRA Smallbore Championships, the top 10 junior shooters are brought together for a special match; the Drew Cup.

Brought to life back in 2003 thanks to the British National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA), the Drew Cup is named for British Smallborer William Drew. It is a postal match where each team shoots a the specified course of fire at their home ranges and send the results in to be scored against other teams ... that would be teams from Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

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Lapua shooter captures another NRA crown with mastery of prone rifle

2014 NRA Smallbore Prone Rifle Champ Kevin Nevius

Bristol, Indiana - It's not the first time Kevin Nevius won the NRA Smallbore Prone Rifle crown. In fact, it's not even the second time he's won an NRA National championship. A surprising notion given his late start in the sport of competitive shooting. One he grabbed hold of with both hands.

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Top scores at NRA Rifle Championships separated by 12 bullseye shots

Shooter adjusts her sights at NRA Smallbore Prone Rifle Championships in Bristol, IN

Bristol, Indiana - Over the past three days, the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships have been focusing on prone. For the uninitiated, prone is a fancy word for laying on your belly. Legs out, elbows in, rifle to your cheek with the target downrange.

With almost 200 competitors shuffling through two elongated relays - trading morning shoots for afternoon shoots on odd days - this phase of the Smallbore Championships has seen the leaderboard skip to and fro.

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Buchanan's win is first of many for NRA Smallbore in Bristol, Indiana

Competitors stepping up at the NRA Smallbore 3-Position rifle championships in Indiana

Bristol, Indiana - For the first time in decades, NRA’s Smallbore 3-Positions Championships have departed the wind and shores of Camp Perry for the peaceful pines of the Wa Ke' De range. With 100 shooting points, permanent cover, and a considerable asphalt firing line, the Wa Ke’ De is a gem amongst ranges.

“It’s a beautiful location,” said Smallbore Match Director Howard “H.Q.” Moody. “The community is receptive and our competitors are having a whale of a time.”

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The National Smallbore Rifle Outdoor Conventional Three Position Championship Day One

The Metallic Sight Championship

George Norton on the U.S. Army Marskmanship Unit takes first in Metallic Sights Smallbore

Veteran competitor and shooting sports writer Hap Rocketto sat down with NRA Board Member Walt Walter to put together this report from Day One of the NRA's Conventional 3-Postition Smallbore Championship

Bristol, Indiana - The first day of the National Smallbore Rifle Outdoor Conventional Three Position Championship easily reminded of one of the penultimate scene of the Warner Brothers 1942 classic Casablanca. Nazi Major Heinrich Strasser is shot by Humphrey Bogart's character, Rick Blaine. Corrupt Police Inspector Louis Renault was a witness to the shooting but saves Rick's life by telling the investigating police to "round up the usual suspects". It seems that all of the usual suspects were present at Bristol and ready to shoot.

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US Army Marksmanship Unit's Norton atop scoreboard as preliminary scores come in on Smallbore Championships in Bristol

Competitors change targets at the 2014 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships in Bristol, Indiana

**Initial scores were inaccurate and corrected at 5:00pm est on Thursday, July 17.
Bristol, Indiana - Temperatures have been cool this week in Bristol, Indiana, as hundreds of shooters get low for the 2014 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Position Championships. The Wa Ke' De range is more than just a change of scenery from the traditional location at Camp Perry, Ohio. For this year and next, shooters won't have to battle the high heat and strong winds coming off of Lake Erie's shore as they vie for titles.

But this year's location isn't the only thing that's new. The National Smallbore Rifle Position Championships feature a lot of new young talent, like New Jersey's Peter Fiori who won a few junior titles during the Metric Championship.

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