NRA helps clubs around the United States host 3-Gun competitions, the world's fastest growing shooting sport

Fairfax, Virginia - In case you haven't noticed, 3-Gun competitions have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. In fact, it's the fastest-growing action shooting sports in the world. The NRA, wanting to bring the fun, exhilarating, physical challenge to new and intermediate shooters, is introducing NRA Sports 3-Gun Shooting Events. Safe, mildly competitive, and fun for the whole family, these recreational experiences have something for everyone.

And creating your very own NRA Sports 3-Gun Experience is easy! We're working with clubs across the country to bring the non-traditional action packed, sport to your local range. Events can incorporate either a .22 (3GE.22) or airsoft (3GAS) version into your club's schedule and bring shooters to your range in droves for the thrilling new experience.

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Over 150 youth shooters learn rifle, pistol and shotgun basics and more with help from Friends of NRA

Friends of NRA grant funds 16th Annual Ohio 4-H Shooting Education Camp

Ohio experienced more shooting excitement this July than just Camp Perry. As a matter of fact, NRA Event Support Coordinator Peter Lawless has the scoop on a great 4-H camp last month that saw more than one hundred fifty young shooters turn out.

165 Teenagers Attend Ohio 4-H Shooting Camp

Jackson, Ohio - During the week of July 21-26, The 16th Annual Ohio 4-H Shooting Education Camp brought in 165 teenage campers and instilled them with a deeper appreciation for the shooting sports. Held at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp in Jackson, Ohio, students learned how to shoot rifles, pistols, shotguns, bows and muzzleloaders over the course of its packed six-day schedule. The camp used approximately 37,800 rounds of .22 LR, 34,500 rounds of assorted pistol ammunition, 35,200 shotgun shells and 30,500 clay targets throughout the week.

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From the Rifle Clubs in Sacramento to the Champion's podium at NRA's National Long Range Championships

Sergeant Tyrel Cooper, NRA's 2013 National Long Range High Power Rifle Champion
Staff Sergeant Tyrel Cooper stands alongside the Tompkins Trophy at NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Awards Ceremony.

Port Clinton, Ohio - It was a close one for Staff Sergeant Tyrel Cooper. He's been close before at NRA's National Long Range High Power Rifle Championships in Camp Perry, but not as close as this. Not so close that his overall point total of 1243, while impressive, was not good enough to win. It was only good enough for a tie. Thank god for the X count.

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Teams get first crack at the titles for NRA Long Range Awards Ceremony

All Guard Rifle team accepting their prize during NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Awards Ceremony

Port Clinton, Ohio - After a long day of gunning for NRA's overall Long Range High Power Rifle title, a smaller group of competitors decided to cast aside an afternoon of rest and relaxation in lieu of a team match. All you have to do is round up three shooters, one coach and one captain — that's a team. That's also the easy part. The tough part comes when you get behind the gun. Even worse, when they get behind the gun.

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Army Marksmanship Unit takes top prize at NRA Long Range

Ty Cooper of the US Army Marksmanship Unit wins NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Tyrel Cooper of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit won NRA's National Long Range High Power Rifle Championships this afternoon with a final score of 1243-71x. Held every summer at Ohio National Guard base known as Camp Perry, the Long Range phase marks the conclusion of NRA's National Rifle & Pistol Championships.

"It's a long time coming," said Cooper with a smile. "Years of shooting and now here it is."

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Shooting at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards for NRA's final rifle title of the season

Shooter expels a round during the 800 yard phase of NRA's 2013 Palma Match

Port Clinton, Ohio - The final day of NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championship is devoted to Palma. A course of shooting different from others, it's been known to send some shooters home early.

"We saw one guy who fired the first relay, grabbed his equipment, and went home," said Gary, a competitor from Michigan. "Guess it's not for everybody."

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Service Rifle's top prize at NRA Championships goes to All Guard Shooter

All Guard's Cody Shields wins NRA's 2013 Porter Trophy in a shoot out at NRA Long Range Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - This time last year, Cody Shields was in his final days of deployment with the National Guard. Described as "eventful", there was little else said about his time in Afghanistan. A sentiment shared by many returning from battle. The important thing is that he made it back home.

"Ten fingers and ten toes," said Shields. "All is good."

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Heat generated from barrel use creates heat waves in sights

Scope with a mirage shield attached at NRA Long Range High Power Rifle Championships

Rain fell for hours last night in Camp Perry, Ohio. The night before competitors shoot the Palma Matches; where they will fire 30 of their 45 shots from the field and NOT the raised firing points. It could cause problems for some.

Port Clinton, Ohio - There are several types of rifles here at the NRA National Long Range High Power Championships. But no matter what the rifle, there are only two types of sights; metallic and any. Metallic sights are what you find on a gun fresh out of the factory. Any, typically, are scopes that magnify the target. What we've seen over the past few days, however, were attachments to the end of the scopes.

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"It doesn't get any tighter," Green exclaims after close finish in NRA High Power Rifle Championships

SSG Brandon Green at the 2013 NRA High Power Rifle awards ceremony at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - For years, the NRA High Power national title had always been just out of reach for Staff Sgt. Brandon Green. But finally, in 2013, after four tense days of shooting, Brandon Green is a national champion.

"It feels extremely good," Green said after receiving his national title at last night's awards ceremony. "It was a very tight match the whole way through. The weather conditions were so difficult but everybody still shot well. I fought hard to finally get here and it feels pretty good for everything to come out in my favor."

Brandon would have had enough to worry about with just the weather, but throw in a neck-and-neck race with defending champion Carl Bernosky and things get nerve-racking.

"It doesn't get any tighter than it was today," Green said to me.

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