"In all the years I've come up here, my personal opinion, is it's never been this good."

Wild game call vendors making friends and sales at the Great American Outdoor Show

The Lebanon Daily News' Brad Rhen talks to the people who make up the Great American Outdoor Show ...
NRA's Great American Outdoor Show under way in Harrisburg
Brad Rhen

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Jason Carder has been coming to the annual outdoor show at the Farm Show Complex since 1983 when he was 10 years old.

This year's show, he said, is the best one he can remember.

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NRA's new 3-Gun experience on display at the Great American Outdoor Show

Teaching the basics of NRA's AirSoft 3-Gun Experience

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - There's a matter of pride when it comes to beating your sister. Be it a 50 yard dash, a pie eating contest or good case of thumb wrestling, you never want to see that smile come across her face once she realizes she won. Unfortunately for Gavin of DuBois, Pennsylvania, that look appeared on his sister's face after they compared NRA 3-Gun Experience (3-GE) times at the Great American Outdoor Show.

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Pro shooters talk about the trade and show off their skills at the world's largest sports and outdoor show

2015 Great American Outdoor Show

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - How good is your shooting stance? Where do you place your feet? How do you orient your shoulders? Legendary shooter and 15-time Bianchi Cup champion Doug Koenig, along with pro shooter and NRA All Access host Jessie Duff, went over these points and more as hosts of the "Shoot Like a Pro" demonstration Monday and Tuesday at Harrisburg, PA's Great American Outdoor Show.

The presentation gave an inside look at the life of a competitive shooter as Koenig and Duff spoke about their experiences in the shooting sports world, their preferences for gear, guns, and technique, and the best way for regular 'ol shooters like the rest of us to dive into competitive shooting.

More on Doug Koenig and Jessie Duff at the "Shoot Like a Pro" presentation ...

"We are doing just as good as last year if not better" - Wild Outdoor Whitetails

Through the halls of the Great American Outdoor Show

PennLive.com's Ivey DeJesus looks at the economic side of the Great American Outdoor Show ...
Ka-ching, ka-ching goes the Great American Outdoor Show
Ivey DeJesus

It seems a faint memory but at the time it was a big deal: the cancellation two years ago of the precursor to the Great American Outdoor Show.

Just days before the start of the show the bleak and slow winter season became even more so as the sponsor of the event ... more on the recovery of the Great American Outdoor Show ...

From the Pennsylvania Game Commission - PENNSYLVANIA BEAR HARVEST IMPRESSIVE AGAIN IN 2014

Black bear image from American Hunter magazine

With the totals now official, the top seven harvests in state history all have occurred in the past decade.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - It’s official: The trend of recent bear seasons taking their place in the Pennsylvania record books continues.

Pennsylvania hunters harvested a total of 3,366 bears in 2014, the seventh-highest tally in state history, the Pennsylvania Game Commission reported today.

With 2014 totals now official, the seven largest bear harvests all have occurred in the past decade.

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Attending the Great American Outdoor Show today? Here are some things you don't want to miss

Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - We're over the hump at the 2015 Great American Outdoor Show here at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. There's only four more days to come out, walk the aisles, and explore more than 1,100 exhibitors in the staggering 650,000 square feet of space. But exhibitors aren't the only thing to see at the world's largest outdoor show. Here are six activities you should consider when planning your day:

Tips & Tricks for Becoming Better Hunter from America’s Favorite Hunting Couple Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo
12:00 - 1:00pm, Seminar Room 1
Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo have been featured on Outdoor Channel and WILD TV and have been hunting, educating, and sharing their experiences for many years. Join the couple who has hunted all over the world and bring back vital tips and information to use on your own hunts!

More on what to do Thursday at the Great American Outdoor Show ...

Shots from the action of NRA's outdoor show in Harrisburg

Dipping a pole at the Trout Pond during NRA's Great American Outdoor Show

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Keeping on top of the action at NRA's Great American Outdoor show can be tricky. With an average of 22,000 people a day making their way through 650,000 square feet of the latest in outdoor action, tricky is putting it mildly.

But that's what it's all about. Why the NRA decided to take over the responsibility of running Harrisburg's famed outdoor show. Tricky is just part of the game.

More images from Day 4 of the Great American Outdoor Show ...

Support the NRA and the shooting sports at Friends of NRA dinners in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and more

NRA Foundation banquet at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Fairfax, Virginia - There's a very special banquet among this week's Friends of NRA fundraising events. The Second Annual NRA Foundation Banquet at the Great American Outdoor Show is being held tomorrow evening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Among all the great Friends of NRA merchandise you can find at each of the 1,000 banquets being held this year, the NRA Foundation Banquet features some exclusive firearms, gear, and hunts you won't see anywhere else.

Find out where Friends of NRA dinners are happening ...

PennLive.com finds the sweet spot to snack for Great American crowds

Crowds at the NRA Great American Outdoor Show

Patriot-News Outdoor Writer Marcus Schneck is back with a feasting favorite for fans of the Great American Outdoor Show ...
Great American Outdoor Show visitors munch on wild game jerky, meat sticks and sausage
Marcus Schneck

Great American Outdoor Show visitors can feast on alligator, ostrich, elk, wild boar, kangaroo, venison and bison, if they are fans of ground, dried, smoked and seasoned meats.

Apart from special snacks some exhibitors stow in their booths for sharing with friends, wild game is available only as prepackaged or by-the-piece jerky, meat sticks and sausage at the largest show in the world for wild game enthusiasts.

Find out more about wild game jerky, sausage and meat sticks at Great American ...

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