From USA Shooting - Scherer Wins Bronze, Sowash Finishes Fourth at World Cup USA

China's Jing Chang, Italy's Petra Zublasing and USA's Sarah Schere take 2nd, 1st and 3rd in Smallbore Rifle World Cup Fort Benning, Georgia - 2012 Olympian Sarah Scherer (Woburn, Mass., pictured right) picked up the first medal for the United States today at the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) World Cup in Fort Benning, Ga. in the Women’s Three-Position Rifle event. U.S. teammate Amy Sowash (Richmond, Ky.) also finished in fourth place.

Scherer qualified for the Final in sixth place with a score of 583 and Sowash qualified in third with a score of 589. Petra Zublasing of Italy qualified in first place and set a World Record in qualification with her score of 591.

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National Guard trains biathlon team at NRA 3-Position Smallbore Championships

Members of the Ohio National Guard's Biathlon Team at NRA Championships in Camp Perry

Camp Perry, Ohio - Two competitors are dominating the Biathlon at this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia — Belarus' Darya Domracheva and France's Martin Fourcade. Winning four out of the first six events outright, Domracheva and Fourcade personify the marksmanship, discipline and stamina required to succeed at such a demanding sport on the international level.

Seven months earlier and 5,500 miles to the east, we met up with another group of biathletes who share those same characteristics. Those of the Ohio National Guard.

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Shooting Sports USA sits down with Olympic silver medalist and shooting sports legend Ruby Fox

Ruby Fox at the 1996 NRA National Championships at Camp Perry courtesy Joe Roberts

Fairfax, Virginia - So you fancy yourself a competitive shooter. Have you heard of Ruby Fox? This month's Shooting Sports USA has an excellent interview with the former Olympic silver medalist about her life in the world of competitive shooting.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Ruby Ellen Fox learned how to shoot from her competitive shooting husband, Art. At the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, Canada’s Linda Thom and Ruby tied for first in the women’s 25-meter sport pistol with record-setting 585s. Thom won the shoot-off 198 to 197, earning Fox the silver. Ruby also competed in the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics.

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From USA Shooting - 2013 National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships

West Virginia's Garrett Spurgeon accepts second place belt buckle at NRA 2012 Metric Championships
West Virginia's Garrett Spurgeon accepts second place belt buckle at NRA's 2012 Metric Championships
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - Over 200 of the best junior rifle and pistol shooters have competed in Colorado Springs over the past two weeks during the 2013 National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships. The annual three-week event comes to an end Friday, as the best male junior rifle shooters get set to compete in three events (air, smallbore prone and three-position).

Qualifying for the National competition begins at the state level as State Junior Olympic Championships included competition in 47 states utilizing 80 different USA Shooting clubs. The 2013 competition consisted of over 2,200 individual participants in rifle and pistol events. State champions and those who qualify via high scores are invited to Colorado Springs to compete in the NJSOC. The top-two finishers in each event earn a spot on USA Shooting’s National Junior Team.

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Barb Baird sits down with Tracy and Lanny Barnes for the NRA

Olympic biathletes Tracy and Lanny Barnes sit down with Barbara Baird for NRA's Shooting Sports USA

Fairfax, Virginia - This month we have a twofer from Women's Outdoor News' Barb Baird.

In this month's 'Whats In Your Range Bag?' column for Shooting Sports USA, Barb got a hold of twin Olympic biathletes Tracy and Lanny Barnes. These 29 year-olds have been getting it done for the United States on the biggest biathlon stages in the world and we couldn't be more proud.

The two don't stay still for very long, but Barb was able to pick their brains for a minute and find out what equipment they carry to not only keep themselves warm, but accurate on the firing line.

Shooting accurately at targets while in a still position can be difficult. Add skiing at top speeds to get to the shooting area, then dropping into the prone position or taking a knee, and you get the sport of biathlon.

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One of skeet shooting's top stars lets the NRA peek in his bag

Two time Olympic gold medalist and US Army sergeant Vincent Hancock

Fairfax, Virginia - Four years ago US Army sergeant Vincent Hancock won Olympic gold in Beijing at the age of 19. This past summer he took home another gold and became the first skeet shooter to win consecutive Olympic titles. Now 23, Hancock is still substantially younger than the average medal-round qualifier and looks to have a bright future ahead of him.

Barbara Baird of Women's Outdoor News recently caught up with Vincent to ask a very important question for this month's issue of Shooting Sports USA: What's in your range bag?

Vincent Hancock is the first skeet shooter to win consecutive gold medals in the Olympics, winning in Beijing in 2008 and London this year. Hancock, also a sergeant in the United States Army and a member of the Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning, GA, packs a very small range bag. He keeps spare parts for his Beretta DT10 Trident shotgun in his gun case. He says he has been shooting this Beretta for 10 years and has never had any problems with it. He is so trusting of this gun that he does not even carry a back-up gun to competitions.

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How about NRA Double Distinguished in both Sporter and Precision Air Rifle?

NRA National Junior Indoor Rifle Championships

Fairfax, Virginia - Hey air gun shooters! Do you dream of an overall win in the NRA Indoor National Championships? Or how about your air rifle skills earning you Olympic gold?

All that may be a few years off, but did you know that you can work on becoming an NRA Distinguished shooter in Sporter and Precision Air Rifle right now?

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The story behind the Frank Parsons Memorial Trophy and the Frank Parsons Memorial Trophy

NRA's Frank Parsons Memorial Trophies

Fairfax, Virginia - Here at the NRA we have not one, but two Frank Parsons Memorial Trophies. A seminal figure in the shooting world, Parsons was a famed collegiate, national and international shooter. But how did he wind up with two trophies by the same name?

Attending George Washington University, Parsons was a part of the first shoulder-to-shoulder Intercollegiate Championship team in 1928 and went on to coach at his alma mater for a number of years after graduation.

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Even thought the Closing Ceremonies don’t happen until next week, the last shooting sports events at the 2012 Olympic Games were held over the weekend. How did Team USA do overall at this year’s games?

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