$40,000 worth of gear given out to NRA competitors in New Mexico

The NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championship featured a prize table worth $40,000

Raton, New Mexico - NRA's Black Powder Target Rifle Championships had a lot of great sponsors and it really showed in the prize table.

But the way black powder does its prizes is a little different. Only the winning team of the Creedmoor Match, the High Shooter and High Spotter, receive a prizes in addition to their awards - a beautiful rifle and Leupold scope respectively.

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Picking the brain of the top NRA Black Powder Target Rifle shooter

2012 NRA Creedmoor Championship winner Dave Gullo at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico - Dave Gullo loves to shoot, he told me so. Specifically he prefers long ranges and high calibers, but his love affair with firearms began as Boy Scout with something a little smaller.

"I was eleven years old and back then things were a lot less regulated with the scout leaders," Gullo told me. "We were out in the desert and we started shooting .22s and I said 'Well, this is pretty fun.'"

Just like that he was hooked - a common beginning for many lifelong shooters. A few years later Gullo's brother gave him his very own .22 and he has been shooting ever since.

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Shooter and sponsor wins NRA's oldest discipline for fifth time

From left to right: Dave Gullo, Director of NRA Competitive Shooting Dennis Willing, John Venhous and Match Director Jonathan Leighton

Raton, New Mexico - After a two days of tough shooting conditions at the NRA Whittington Center, Dave Gullo received his fifth Castle Trophy after winning the Creedmoor Championship with a score of 533-10x out of a possible 600.

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Wind at the NRA Whittington Center is unlike anywhere else

Flags blow wildly in the wind at the NRA Whittington Center

Raton, New Mexico - Shooters are on the 1,000 yard firing line for the final leg of this year's 2012 Creedmoor Championships and saying it's windy is putting it lightly.

Surrounded by mountains, the 1,000 yard range at the NRA Whittington Center is known for its extremely windy conditions.

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Race for NRA Black Powder title stays close at Whittington Center

Hammering shooting sticks into the ground at the NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championships in Raton, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico - It's the last day of the NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championships and competitors are making the most of the clear skies and a steady headwind.

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Long Range Black Powder Target Rifle Championship begins

Black Powder rifle used during the NRA Creedmore Championships

Raton, New Mexico - In 1874, the first Creedmoor match was shot at the Creedmoor range on Long Island, New York. Competitors lined up at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards as the accuracy of Ireland's best shooters was pit up against the accuracy of the United States' best shooters.

The NRA has preserved that match throughout the years and the exact course of fire is shot today in the Creedmoor Championship.

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NRA's Competitive Shooting Director takes to the firing line

Director of NRA Competitive Shooting, Dennis Willing, shoots in the Creedmoor Championship

Raton, New Mexico - Dennis Willing thought he was only coming to observe. As NRA's new Director of Competitive Shooting, why else would he be out at New Mexico's Whittington Center during the NRA's oldest discipline. Little did he know what awaited him upon arrival.

After pulling in through the front gate, Willing learned that Match Director Jonathan Leighton took it upon himself to enter the boss into this year's Creedmore championships. Secured was a a place on the squad, a rifle, ammunition, and the hope that there'd still be a job once the match was complete.

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Exceptional shooting to clench top spot at NRA Whittington Center

Jack Odor wins NRA's 2012 Black Powder Rifle championships in Raton, New Mexico - Dennis Willing on left

Raton, New Mexico - Jack Odor had a narrow lead going into the last day of the Black Powder Target Rifle Prone Championship.

He started out good, but it wasn't good enough. Despite shooting a 99 at 200 yards, both Mike Rix and Mark Hipes fired 100s to close within one of him. But at 300 yards Odor was able to pad his lead, by four with Hipes and one on Rix.

Although shooters like Keith Lay and the Position Champion Chip Mate were matching or doing better than Odor's Day Two scores, they had more ground to cover and Odor needed only to stay the course in order to walk home with a trophy.

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Follow the Walters from Camp Perry to the NRA Whittington Center

Raton, New Mexico - A lot of shooters compete in multiple disciplines and Ronald and Barbara Walters are no different. These two are fresh from Camp Perry's High Power Long Range Championships which ended last week.

"We came from Camp Perry last tuesday," Ron told me, who began shooting in high school as a member of a junior rifle club. "We went back home to Michigan, Barb canned some pickles and did some laundry and I packed the van and traded out high power stuff for black powder stuff."

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