Pistol with the sleek "space age" lines as Sci-Fi ray guns from yesteryear

OLYMPIC ARMS WHITNEY WOLVERINE .22 LR PISTOL My man B. Gil Horman delves into the past with a 1950s styled Olympic Arms Whitney Wolverine ...

Olympic Arms Whitney Wolverine .22 LR Pistol
This polymer revival of R. Hillberg’s 1950s rimfire “ray gun” is sleek, light and fun to shoot.

In the early 1950s, firearms designer and engineer Robert L. Hillberg decided to build a lightweight .22 Long Rifle semi-auto pistol using aluminum investment casting to form the frame. Although investment casting is often used to produce gun components today, Hillberg's plan represented an uncommon approach at that time. He gave the pistol the same sleek "space age" lines as the ray guns seen in sci-fi movies and TV shows of that era. The pistol was called the Whitney Wolverine and made available in either a blued or nickel finish with a 10-round magazine.

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CW380 one-third the cost of the Kahr P380

Kahr Arms new CW380 American Rifleman takes a look at Kahr Arms new CW380 pistol ...

Kahr Arms CW380 Pistol Review
Kahr Arms continues to grow its CW line of pistols, which includes the latest addition, the CW380, chambered in .380 ACP and based on the P380.

Kahr Arms has been manufacturing single-stack, polymer-frame semi-automatic pistols since the mid-1990s. The company’s P-series of premium, lightweight, concealed carry pistols has garnered a reputation for excellent quality and reliability. Recognizing that not every customer is able to pay top dollar for a defensive firearm, Kahr developed and continues to grow its CW line of pistols. A recent addition to the line is the CW380 pistol, chambered in .380 ACP and based on the P380.

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Grip circumference, width, trigger reach, and grip angle come into play when firing a pistol

Tiffany grips the pistol and readies to fire on the NRA Range Wendy LaFever, managing editor for NRA Family Insights, shares tips for the small-handed pistol shooter ...

Get a Grip (Angle, That Is)
The one subtle measurement that can affect a new shooter's success on the range.

When I began pistol shooting, one of the first things I noticed was that the ease with which I shot differed widely from pistol to pistol—even between guns that were very similar in terms of size, action type, weight and caliber. As a beginner, I blamed myself first: My hands just weren’t big enough for some guns’ grips. What I didn’t know was that there was a subtle but very important factor that I was totally missing.

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James Craig, Detroit's new chief of police says “We’re advocates of self-protection. We want people to be safe.”

James Craig, Detroit’s new police chief David Burnett reached out to Detroit Chief of Police James Craig to discuss the chief's comments suggesting that criminals would think twice about attacking if more responsible citizens were armed ...

A Show of Courage in Detroit

“I have a gun, get out!”

That’s the warning a Detroit mother gave the three hoodlums attempting to kick down her door on the night of Feb. 17, 2014. Armed with only a replica handgun, the intruders thought she was bluffing—until she opened fire. The mother of two was armed with a Hi-Point TS4 Carbine (what some would call an “assault rifle”) her husband gave her after a break-in just two weeks prior.

The crooks literally fell over themselves and quickly fled the area. Caught on surveillance cameras, the video went viral and illustrated what appears to be a growing trend in Detroit—citizens fighting back.

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Managing Editor retires after 25 years with the National Rifle Association

NRA Secretary Jim Land presents Editor Gina Schmidt with plaque celebrating her career at the NRAFairfax, Virginia - After gracing the halls of the National Rifle Association for 25 years, America’s First Freedom Editor Gina Schmidt has decided to call it quits. With plans to retire to the soothing confines of South Carolina, Schmidt made one last appearance as a few hundred employees gathered to bid her farewell. Doug Hamlin, executive director of NRA Publications, reflected on the state of affairs when Gina first joined the NRA.

“Tom Selleck was in the 8th year as the star of Magnum, pi … our president was George Herbert Walker Bush, and 25 minutes before game 3 of the 1998 World Series we had a 7.1 earthquake up in San Francisco. The Dow Jones closed at 2700 and a gallon of gasoline was 97 cents.”

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American Rifles tells you why these hunting rifles are a steal

Affordable hunting rifle suggestions from NRA's American Rifleman magazine Never thought you could get your hands on a hunting rifle for a reasonable price? Well John Barsness is here to tell you why you're wrong ...

You can pick up a hunting rifle from four of the biggest names in riflemaking for around $300. Sure, that’s a great price, but is it really a bargain? You might be surprised.

Saying American riflemen tend to be conservative is like saying trees tend to grow wood. That’s why new trends in hunting rifles often encounter resistance. One supposedly new way of marketing such guns is by referring to them as “affordable” or “value-priced,” but most Americans simply think of them as “cheap.” That has caused a good deal of grumbling, especially on the Internet, yet another new trend. Since few gun stores feature wood stoves these days, the formerly traditional venue for rifle discussions, shooters whine where we can. Some things never change.

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Know what to pack, how to pack and what to leave behind on the road and in the air

The Road Safely Traveled on Memorial day from NRA Family Insights Jeff Johnston is intimately familiar with the potential pitfalls lying in wait when traveling with firearms. Here are a few of his tips before you hit the open road ...

The Road Safely Traveled
Planning on heading out this Memorial Day weekend? Here's what you need to know if you plan to bring a gun.

While on the road it’s your right to protect yourself and your family, but America’s patchwork of self-defense laws—and the road itself—isn’t often inviting. Here’s a primer on how you can travel as safely as possible.

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Museum piece with NRA Test stamp part of NRA Publications collection

A double-barreled Savage Fox Model B NRA Test Shotgun

Fairfax, Virginia - There's a story behind every gun at the National Firearms Museum. Who owned it, where it was manufactured, where it was used, etc ... Unfortunately, not every story is compelling as the next. But for some, it's the story behind the story that makes them fascinating.

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Hunting gear and accessories for Mom, Dad, and the little ones

Camo filled hunting turkeys with mom and dad Jeff Johnston covers you from head to toe in the perfect turkey hunting camo

Comfortable Turkey Camo for Your Whole Family
Unlike the regular fall hunting season, hunting turkeys in the spring calls for head-to-toe camouflage and clothing that allows the family to stay cool.

Spring turkey season is likely the best season of all to take the family hunting. Unlike deer hunting where you generally sit and freeze in a stand, a turkey hunt is an active hunt in delightful weather where the skills of woodsmanship, stealth, calling and maneuvering are utilized each time out. The downside? It’s tough to be successful if your youngster is fidgety, because wild turkeys have the keenest eyes in all of the woods. Anyone who’s hunted these birds knows they can see in color, and can spot the slightest movement from 100 yards away. Camouflage clothing is essential for concealing small movements. Additionally, springtime weather is generally cool in the early morning but warms up quickly. Therefore, lightweight, layered clothing is preferred. Here are some turkey-specific camouflaged clothing choices for the entire family so you can hunt comfortably now and eat wild turkey later.

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