This is not the first time there's been a rush on ammo, American Hunter breaks down the reasons why

American Hunter tells you why there's an ammo shortage If you have a gun then you know about the ammunition shortage. Everyone has a theory why, but American Hunter's Jon Draper believes he found the answer ...

Where's the Ammo?
It is consumer demand that keeps supplies of ammo nationwide low—and prices high. To figure out why, you might ask your neighbor.

The NRA is regularly inundated with letters from members requesting an explanation of the nationwide ammo shortage. Some folks merely vent their frustration over the amount of ammo they are able to acquire for range sessions. Some complain about the jump in prices; they insist it can’t all be explained by supply and demand. Others are sure the government is buying up all the ammo so average Americans can’t get their hands on it. Everyone wants to know if we have any inside information.

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Having semi-auto submachine fun with a Heckler & Koch .22

American Rifleman says the HK MP5 is a hardcore submachine gun for operators If you've been holding off on a semi-auto you can afford the shoot, an HK MP5 A5 .22 LR could be the gun for you

The HK MP5 is a hardcore submachine gun for operators. The MP5 A5 is just as rugged in its exterior, but since it’s semi-auto and chambered in .22 LR, shooters can actually afford to pull the trigger.

Looks can be deceiving, and the wisdom of that motherly advice is underscored by the commando-tough appearance of the Heckler & Koch-licensed MP5 A5 .22 LR. Manufactured in Germany and distributed by Walther Arms, beneath its flat-black and rugged exterior beats the gentler, kinder heart of a budget-conscious blowback rimfire.

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Find out why Texas' variety of wildlife is a dream for young hunters

August 2013 NRA InSights

Fairfax, Virginia - This month's issue of NRA InSights, the free, online magazine for kids, goes deep into the heart of Texas to discover the variety of animals that junior hunters can find.

Whether you're in pursuit of whitetail deer, mule deer, javelina, wild hogs or pronghorn antelope, Texas has it all -- plus some exotics that make the Lone Star State one of hunting's best mixed bags.

Destination: Texas
By Guy J. Sagi

In early May, 18-year old high school senior Braxton Bielski took an 800-pound, 14-foot, 3-inch alligator while hunting in Texas. Biologists estimated it was between 30 and 50 years old and it's the largest ever certified in the state.

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When she isn't busy being a mother of three and a grandmother of four what does Vera Koo bring to the shooting range?

Professional shooter Vera Koo

For each issue of Shooting Sports USA, Barb Baird of Women's Outdoor News gets a hold of one of the competitive shooting world's top stars and asks a single question most people are curious to know: What's in your range bag? In the upcoming August issue, covering Brian Zins' 12th National Pistol Championship win, Barb sits down with renowned shooter Vera Koo.

Vera Koo has been shooting competitively for almost 20 years in IPSC, Steel Challenge, Colorado Man-on-Man Shoot-Offs, Master’s 3-Guns, Bullseye and Action Pistol. Sponsored by Aimpoint, Vihtavuori, Lapua, Caspian and Briley, she has specialized in Action Pistol for the past 10 years, claiming the Bianchi women’s title eight times. Her cool demeanor, combined with her West Coast/ Bay Area charm and Zen-like personality, make her an icon in the shooting world.

Her open-class Bianchi pistols have been built around a Caspian 1911 frame by Don Golembieski (Kodiak Precision) and Garth Peterson (Nowlin Custom Guns). She revealed that former Indy race car crew chief George Huening ( is presently working on her newest build.

What's in pro shooter Vera Koo's range bag? ...

SFC Jason Parker of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit shares what he brings to the range

United States Army Marksmanship Unit shooter SFC Jason Parker

Fairfax, Virginia - In next month's Shooting Sports USA, Barb Baird of Women's Outdoor News gets ahold of accomplished shooter SFC Jason Parker of the US Army Marksmanship Unit to ask him the all-important question: What's in your range bag?

He’s “been there and back.” Sgt. First Class Jason A. Parker competes and instructs with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit based out of Fort Benning, GA. If his gold medals could be melted down for cash, he probably could retire early.

Shooting competitively since the age of 13, after his parents purchased a competition air rifle for him as a Christmas gift, the Ohioan enlisted in the Army in 1997 and medaled consistently from the start. Jason said, “After the 2004 Olympics, I decided that I wanted to transition to more smallbore shooting. Currently, I shoot mostly Olympic Style 3-Position and Prone and a few 300 Meter competitions every once in a while.” Most recently, the Rochester, N.Y. native won every event he competed in at this year’s National Championships for Rifle & Pistol.

What's in a US Army Marksmanship Unit member's range bag? ...

Replacing barrels, bases, triggers and scopes can make your rifle new again

Aaron Carter, AR Managing Editor, shows you how to make an old rifle new again. According to Aaron Carter, Managing Editor for American Rifleman, there are a lot of second-hand bolt action rifles sitting around out there. Here's how you can turn them into something new ...

Rifle Anew
It doesn’t take that much to turn a worn out rifle into a real shooter.

There is no shortage of pre-owned but serviceable bolt-action rifles for sale at modest prices. Whether unwanted hand-me-downs, relics of bygone days, platforms that are “past their prime” or simply single-season splurges, used rifles—deemed to be in safe, firing condition by a gunsmith—can be easily upgraded and customized to enhance their downrange potential and aesthetics. Such improvements needn’t break the bank, nor require the services of a veteran gunsmith, either, and the resulting firearm will not only be purpose-built for a specific task, it will also reflect the owner’s personality.

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Should you be gunning for Pointers, Flushers, Retrievers or something else?

American Hunter ask Ron Spomer to put together a list of the ideal hunting dogs Sometimes you take more out on a hunt than a shotgun and a dream. Sometimes you take a dog along too. But what kinds of dog should you have at your side? Ron Spomer knows ...

Best All 'Round Hunting Dogs?
For as long as there have been different breeds of gundog, there have been hunters arguing for the merit of one breed over the other. So, which canine really is the best all-around hunting dog? Ron Spomer thinks he has the answer.

Hunting dogs are a bit like hunting rifles—they’re all good for something, but none are perfect for everything. ... more on American Hunter's list of ideal hunting dogs ...

Come see what NRA Instructor and founder of Get A GRIP Nikki Turpeaux carries in her range bag

NRA Instructor Nikki Turpeaux

Fairfax, Virginia - Shooting Sports USA's Bag Check column features Barb Baird of Women's Outdoor News sitting down with some of the top shooters in the world to ask one very important question - What's in your range bag?

The contents of someone's bag, especially their range bag, can tell you a lot about a person. While the cargo alone isn't going to make you a better shooter, you may learn a handy tip or two about how to lighten your load or easy homemade solutions to common problems.

This month Barb catches NRA Instructor Nikki Turpeaux on her way to the range and empties her bag. Don't know who Nikki is? You'll want to.

NRA instructor Nikki Turpeaux, lead instructor and founder of the Get a GRIP™ Personal Defense and Firearms Training Program, recently signed on to represent 5.11 Tactical as an ambassador for its Tactical Training Alliance Program. Turpeaux, a featured instructor of Panteao Productions’ “Make Ready” video series, provides high quality tactical and defensive training throughout the United States. With bases in Alpharetta, GA, and Houston, TX, Turpeaux and her mobile training unit offers a wide range of tactical courses in handgun, shotgun and rifle disciplines, along with its ever popular Get A GRIP™ Ladies program.

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Converting hunting shotguns into tactical shotguns might be easier than you think

American Rifleman turns a shotgun made for hunting into a tactical beauty Odds are you've got a shotgun sitting in a closet somewhere. Is it of the hunting or tactical variety? American Rifleman's B. Gil Horman asks why can't it be both?

Shotgun: Hunting to Tactical
Is converting a sporting shotgun into a tactical shotgun a cost effective home-defense option?

Gun owners may run into the situation of needing a firearm to fill a particular shooting requirement at a time when money for a new gun isn't readily available. Recently I found myself in need of a tactical 12 gauge with an 18.5-inch cylinder bore barrel. This wasn't the first time a tactical pump would have come in handy, and it wasn't going to be the last. It was time to make the investment, but I wasn't ready to throw down more cash than I had to. So I turned to an idea that had crossed my mind before, namely, to see what it would cost to convert a sporting shotgun I already had into a tactical model using aftermarket accessories.

More on American Rifleman's adventures in converting hunting shotguns to tactical ...

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