NRA News highlights .45 caliber SIG 220 carried by Curator's brother

.45 caliber Sig Sauer pistol in the NRA Museum lab

Fairfax, Virginia - Everyone collects something. Be it action figures or coins or stamps or cars, odds are there's a boatload of something you've stashed away for your very own. For Philip Schreier, senior curator for NRA Museums, it's guns. And though Phil's collection is impressive, there are a few pieces that stand out.

Not because they're rare or worth a boatload of cash mind you, but because of the intrinsic value. He highlighted one such piece on yesterday's episode of Curator's Corner. A SIG Sauer P220. And what makes this pistol so valuable to Phil?

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New guy takes National Firearms Museum on the road to first SHOT Show

View of the Las Vegas strip from the Venetian Hotel

Fairfax, Virginia - When I came to the NRA in January 2014 as the Firearms Specialist, I missed the SHOT Show by a week. (Why I thought they’d send the brand new guy even if I had been there is something I hadn’t thought about!)

At any rate, plans for the 2015 SHOT Show are well underway and it will be my inaugural attendance. Add to that fact that I’m the only NRA Museums staff member going and it could prove to be a baptism by fire.

What goes into planning the NRA Museums’ involvement at SHOT Show, you ask? Well, first and foremost, we have to decide what firearms we’re going to display in the booth. This involves a number of questions, including: what are our themes, what went last year, what are the crowd favorites, and so on.

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2-inch barreled revolver the gold standard for Railway Mail Service officers

.38 caliber Colt Banker's Special at the NRA Museum in Fairfax

Fairfax, Virginia - When Senior Curator Philip Schreier makes way to the stage you know something big is about to happen. The NRA Museum guru swims with the big boys after all. So why did he bring out a tiny little Banker's Special for last night's episode of Curator's Corner?

"It might be little but it’s got a big bark," he said with a gleam in his eye.

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Wooden Guns, new champs and shooting celebrities top 2014 favorites

a 1911 made entirely from wood at the 2014 SHOT Show

Fairfax, Virginia - It's been a hell of a year.

In 2014, NRAblog spent time with old friends, made time to squeeze off a few rounds, and found time to recrown a sitting champ - great stories all. And while there is value in every story, even those that gone to the dogs, only a few have the wherewithal to land in the top 5.

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.38 caliber revolver was the standard for stateside law enforcement

Colt Commando on display at the NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - As most of us are recovering from holiday cheer and a deluge of family, the boys from NRA News are back with another edition of Curator's Corner. Continuing his salute to law enforcement, NRA Museum Senior Curator Philip Schreier breaks out a 1940s Colt Commando.

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Museum Director highlights galleries of the National Firearms Museum

NRA Museums Director Jim Supica with a a Treeby chain rifle in the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - earlier this year, we told you about Ben Philippi's visit to the National Firearms Museum. There to interview Museum Director Jim Supica for his new book, Ben also brought along a few extra things.

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Colt Official Police wielded by New York State Troopers on Sportsman Channel

Colt Official Police .38 caliber revolver on Curator's Corner

Fairfax, Virginia - This week's edition of Curator's Corner begins with a theme. No, not a Bass Pro Shops Ugly Sweater Kit (seen during the opening minutes) kind of theme, but a law enforcement theme. And it all starts with a Colt Official Police.

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6 Inimitable Winchesters from NRA Sharp

NRA Museum Winchester Rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - NRA Sharp covers the people, gear, and culture alive and well in the NRA lifestyle. Recently they took a look at six specifically spectacular Winchester Rifles found in the Nation Firearms Museum.

Take a look at what they came up with:

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Help your favorite NRA show get Outdoor Channel's Fan Favorite Golden Moose Award this winter

NRA All Access NRA Gun Gurus 2015 Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Awards

Fairfax, Virginia - There's only nine days left until the December 19 voting deadline for Outdoor Channel's 2015 Fan Favorite Golden Moose Award. If you enjoy watching NRA All Access, NRA Gun Gurus, or American Rifleman TV, take a minute to register and vote. It'll mean the world to us if one of our great shows can take the stage this January at the Golden Moose Awards.

The GMAs celebrate the best and brightest programs on Outdoor Channel throughout the year and the Fan Favorite award lets you, the viewer, give a special award to your favorite show. We need your help!

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