NRA brings out Maxim, Brownings and more big guns for Triggers on the Military Channel

Maxim 08/15 light machine gun (Gertrude) for the Military Channel show triggers at NRA headquarters range

Fairfax, Virginia - Everything started after the lights went out at NRA headquarters last night. That’s when the crew from Military Channel's Triggers: Weapons that Changed the World broke out the cameras, cables and celebrities to film portions of next season's episodes. Host Wil Willis (former Army Ranger and Air Force Pararescueman) was all smiles.

"He looked like a kid in a candy store," commented Museum Director Jim Supica. "We get that reaction a lot around here."

More on the Military Channel filming Triggers at NRA Headquarters ...

The National Firearms Museum opens on the 4th of July

Fairfax, Virginia - Fireworks are set to discharge around the DC Metro area in about nine hours. Until then, friends and family are filling the time in between completing household chores, fetching supplies for events of the day and firing up the grill. But if you're in search of other activities to add to the 4th's patriotic tenor, then head over to NRA Headquarters in Fairfax.


Fairfax, Virginia - After seeing James Poole weave his magic on footage from the Single Action Shooting Society's End of Trail, we decided to hand him a couple of cameras for the Youth Education Summit's trip to the NRA Range.

In a two part effort, here is a look at what James was able to capture during this year's Y.E.S. trigger time.

Youth Education Summit student fires a Grease Gun from World War II at the NRA Headquarters Range

Fairfax, Virginia - Students attending NRA's 2012 Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) are exposed to many a new things. They get to tour monuments, meet Congressmen and partake in the goodies at the NRA Headquarters Range. And thanks to the staff and the National Firearms Museum, there's even a little submachine gun action.


NRA Executive shares stories of success and Stars Wars Light Sabers with Virginia kids

Gainesville, Virginia - Career Day is a time honored rite of passage for kids and grownups alike. Recruiting an adult with a cool job to swing by an Elementary School and tell the kids about their job. Hopefully, if all goes well, the speakers will inspire a student or two. Popular professions at these events are usually veterinarians, fire fighters, or in the case of Andrea Cerwinske, the Deputy Director of NRA General Operations.

"I spent the day speaking to around 200 3rd, 4th and 5th graders," Cerwinske said with a smile. "I explained to the class about what the NRA is and how even as elementary students they can be apart of our programs."


National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day at the NRA Range Fairfax, Virginia - This past Saturday the NRA Range participated in the inaugural National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day, a nationwide event encouraging parents to bring their little girls to shooting ranges to both introduce them to the sport and promote firearms safety.

Even though the focus was on young women, the event hoped to be a family affair and welcomed little boys as well.

Lynne Finch, NRA Certified Instructor and Co-Founder/President of the newly formed program, used social media and spoke with range owners to raise interest in the event. All it took was a little information to get people excited and offering to help.

Starting in January, the word spread across the country and it soon seemed like anyone and everyone had June 9, marked on their calendars.

So how'd it go?


A member of Project Enduring Pride takes aim with a SIG P230 at the NRA Range

A group of around 20 combat wounded veterans from Project Enduring Pride visited NRA Headquarters and, along with friends and family, were treated to a tour of the National Firearms Museum as well as a chance to get some target practice in at the NRA Range.

Donated from the museum's collection and generous volunteers, there was a wide variety of firearms at every lane. A MAC-10, M-4 Carbine, SOCOM-16, Ruger Mini-14, FN SCAR, Browning Automatic Rifle, SIG P230 and H&K UMP were just some of the available guns these brave men and women could try out.


Wounded Veterans spend a day firing SIGs, Colts and more

NRA staff views disabled veteran firing an uzi

Fairfax, Virginia - When twenty disabled veterans from Project Enduring Pride visited NRA Headquarters last month they were treated to more than just a guided tour of the National Firearms Museum. After gazing at 600 years of firearms history, the vets joined friends and family at the NRA Range for a hands-on experience with some of the same guns they were just ogling.

Project Enduring Pride helps combat-wounded servicemen and women in the Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Richmond areas transition from military to civilian life. Thinking veterans would enjoy getting behind the sights again, the NRA Range spent more than two months organizing sponsors and volunteers before inviting Enduring Pride for its afternoon of fun.


Helping wounded warriors upon their arrival back home

Recovering soldier and his wife at the NRA Headquarters range

Fairfax, Virginia - Disabled soldiers from Project Enduring Pride stopped by NRA Headquarters earlier this year for a tour of the NRA National Firearms Museum and a trip to the Range. Apparently the group had a whale of a time because they're on their way back for more.

Led by Director Ken Strafer, Project Enduring Pride assists the men and women who were wounded in the service of our country with the sometimes difficult transition from military to civilian life. Started out of what we all remember as the Walter Reed Army Medical in Bethesda, Maryland, the group does it's best to help our wounded warriors in the Washington, Richmond and Baltimore metro centers.


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