Joseph Best of VORP in New YorkAlbany, New York - We recently got in touch with Joseph Best, the Program Director for the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of New York (VORP) School of Bail Enforcement.

Here's what he had to say about attending Club University in Albany, New York.

I attended Club U because I felt it would provide us with information about operating a pistol club. I learned how I can increase my club membership by making our club more attractive to potential members (bail enforcement agents).

I would recommend others attend Club University so they can learn more about firearm safety, local firearms laws, and the power of numbers, through membership, in influencing local politicians.

Thanks for the feedback, Joseph!

Gun for Hire

Gun For Hire Anthony P. ColandroAlbany, New York - NRA Club University always has a colorful collection of individuals in its audience. One such individual from Albany's Club U this past Saturday is Anthony Colandro, founder of Gun for Hire.

Gun for Hire is a Belleville, New Jersey-based operation that promotes "the positive aspects of safe and responsible firearms ownership." While this approach to firearm ownership may sound routine, their approach to marketing is anything but.

"I put my logo everywhere," Colandro told NRAblog. "Shirts, hats, bumper stickers ... I even have three vehicles with the logo on the side. It caused such a stir that local newspapers and tv stations have run stories on our outfit. Maybe it's our geographic location, I don't know. But like they say, any publicity is good publicity."

NRA workshop made possible through volunteers

NRA Friends of the NRA Coordinator Tiffany NguAlbany, New York - When it comes to events like NRA's Club University, there is more to the operation than those who step in front of the microphone and give a speech. There are the unsung individuals who operate behind the scenes to make things possible. One of those people who made the trip to add such support is Field Operations' own Tiffany Ngu.

Tiffany is a Financial Coordinator for Friends of the NRA. Though her regular duties don't include attending events like Club University, she came to Albany along with the rest of the staff to lend a hand where ever necessary.


Albany, New York - The National Rifle Association would not be where we are today without the Institute for Legislative Action. To explain the ins and outs of the political side of the operation is ILA's Grassroots Coordinator Brent Gardner.

ILA's political insights are just one reason to attend Club University. There's also grants, insurance programs, and much more to make the trip worth while. So if you can, think about making that trip out to Sacramento.

Albany, New York - NRA Club & Association Marketing Manager Son Nguyen servers as emcee, lecturer, and chief bottle washer here at Club University in Albany, New York. I believe he's even giving some of the attendees a ride home.

Joe Strnad of the Oneonta Sportsmen's ClubAlbany, New York - In addition to the fancy chicken, steak, and pasta meals laided out by the Desmond Hotel here in Albany, we also took the time to talk to those who gave up their day for Club University. One of those men is Joe – and he is a character.

First thing Joe (Joseph T. Strnad) tells me is that the best kept secret in New York State is the Oneonta Sportsmen's Club.

"Most beautiful 28 acres you've ever seen," started Joe. "Of that, we've got seven acres worth of outdoor rifle and shotgun range, a two tear trap course,  silhouette shoots … it's amazing."

But Joe's work in the field of firearms doesn't stop there. He was also an instructor for the inaugural Women's Wilderness Escape last year in New Mexico. "It took me seven flights and eleven hours to finally get there. And if they'll have me, I'll gladly do it all over again. Just as long as I can use a different airline."

Albany, New York - First time Club University speaker Ron Rosenberg demonstrates that this isn't the first time he's been in front of a crowd. In fact, Club & Associations Manager Liz Bush saw Ron speak at SHOT Show this Spring and thought he'd be a great addition to panel. So far, he is.


Ian Maresh, Lockton Risk Services Albany, New York - Everyone here at the Desmond Hotel has questions. But a big questions facing any firearms related operation is insurance. You never know what you're going to need, when you're going to need it, or who you need to cover.

Do you just have to worry about what goes on at the range or what goes on when you're working for the range? And if you are on club business, is your vehicle or other potential injuries covered? Are only members on the policy, or are their guests covered too?

These questions and more are being thrown at Ian Maresh from Lockton Risk Services, Inc. He's been fielding questions for over twenty minutes now and threatens to push threw the other speakers segments with a great deal of information. And the best part about being here at Club University in Albany is that these are the questions you might not think to ask unless you're here.

So don't forget to sign up for the next Club U. this fall.

NYSRPA President Tom KingAlbany, New York - New York State Rifle and Pistol Association President Tom King was second on the agenda (behind NRA's own Jack Baker) here at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, New York. He gave us a run-down of what State Associations do.

Tom tells the crowd to be active, always drive to increase membership, and don't be afraid to get in touch with the local politicians.

Mr. King also sits on the NRA Board and provides unique insight to insurance necessities of any operation. Sometimes its nice to have an insurance guy around.

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