From Crosman - Crosman announces new products for 2014

Featuring Advancements in Airguns, Optics and Airsoft

Rochester, New York - Crosman Corporation, an industry leader in airguns, optics and airsoft products, will unveil a wide-ranging lineup of advanced new products at SHOT Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 14. The cutting edge products will be exhibited in Crosman booth #13940 and will be available from stocking dealers, retail sporting goods stories and on-line retailers later in the year. Dealers can be found by visiting the Crosman Dealer Locator on  
Crosman and Benjamin Airguns
Crosman Nitro Piston® 2
Crosman redefines break barrel air rifles with the introduction of the Nitro Piston 2 system, an all-new powerplant that generates 15 percent more speed, 35 percent more power and requires up to ten pounds less cocking force. Nitro Piston 2 features new patent pending technologies that minimize vibration and recoil, making airguns equipped with the system more accurate than ever.

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Find out what stories hit the reader's mark and heart from last year's SHOT Show

Testing a rifle at the 2013 SHOT Show's Media Day at the Range in Las Vegas, Nevada

Charlotte, North Carolina - Sitting at gate C13 of Charlotte Airport makes one realize that C13 is an afterthought. A view of the Phillips Crab House customers as they enjoy the final minutes of 49er vs. Panthers means little those of us on the outside of the big glass wall. Some are happy, some are sad, but most of us have no idea what's going on outside this little cubbyhole of a gate.

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Reno, Nevada's John Madden is Friends of NRA's Western Region Volunteer of the Year

John Madden named Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year

Fairfax, Virginia - Our last Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year comes to us from out west; Nevada to be specific. Sporting nearly two decades of work with Friends of NRA, John Madden of Reno, Nevada is the 2012 Western Region Volunteer of the Year.

Madden, who currently serves on both the Reno/Sparks and Modesto Friends of NRA committees, raised more than $190,000 over the course of last year's banquet season. But his involvement with the shooting sports goes well beyond underwriting, selling banquet tickets and soliciting sponsorships and donations. John spends as many weekends as possible promoting Friends of NRA at area gun shows. In 2012 he attended 18 throughout Nevada and California.

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From the Nevada Department of Wildlife - Second draw gives Hunters another chance

If you did not draw a big game tag in the recent completed main draw, the Nevada Department of Wildlife wants to remind sportsmen there are still tags remaining for the upcoming second draw.

The Wildlife Administrative Services Office will accept applications received through the mail until 5 p.m. and through the internet until 11 p.m. on June 25. Applications may be submitted online at or by mail to Wildlife Administrative Services Office, PO Box 1345, Fallon, Nevada 89407-1345.

Many of these remaining tags are available to both resident and nonresident hunters. A brief breakdown of the remaining tags can be found below. For more specific information (specific hunt units, eligibility, etc.) on the remaining tags you can go to or The online application will open at 8 a.m. on June 10.

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The Buck Knives Paklite FieldMaster kit

Las Vegas, Nevada - Design is meant to catch the eye. A creative curve, a subtle edge or a flash of paint to jumpstart the consumer's desire. And if happens to be an incredibly versatile product designed by an American mainstay like Buck Knives, then there's a chance we're talking about more than design.

At the 2013 SHOT Show, one of the products to fit such a description was the Buck Knives Paklite FieldMaster kit.

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From the Nevada Department of Wildlife - Winter surveys point to good news for Nevada's Big Game

Cow elk taken over the winter by Ella Mullen If you are in the process of applying for big game tags, and with the tag application deadline this Monday you better hurry up, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has some insider information…apply for cow elk.

"With the numbers we are looking at from our winter surveys, it looks like it will be a good year for Nevada’s sportsmen to apply for cow elk tags with their chances for success greatly enhanced," said Larry Gilbertson, Game Chief for NDOW.

Ken Gray, Eastern Region supervising biologist in Elko reported his field biologists completed elk surveys and classified 10,384 elk this winter. This was a record elk survey for the region surpassing the 2010 sample by 1,005 elk.

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From K-VAR Group - K-VAR adds another SAM7K pistol to its product line

K-VAR SAM7K-02 AK Pistol, photo by K-VAR Las Vegas, Nevada - Continuing with plans to expand the SAM7K series, K-VAR added another AK pistol to its product line and is now available to customers. The SAM7K-02 enters the mix sporting a tactical hand guard with attached flashlight that allows shooting enthusiasts to easily locate the target.

The hand guard (sku: KR-016B) is the original Bulgarian hand guard set that includes the latest generation design lower hand guard with flash light made from mil-spec black polymer. The integrated flash light emits a very bright glow for fast target acquisition. The flashlight uses two 3 Volt lithium batteries (CR 123 ASL) and is designed for milled-receiver Krinkovs.

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Top Shot favorite stops by Brownells/NRA luncheon to meet young shooters

Top Shot favorite Gabby Franco speaks to the Brownells/NRA Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada - Gabriela “Gabby” Franco has been in high demand as of late. Not only is she a sought after NRA Certified Instructor in the Miami area, but she's also making personal appearances, serving as pistol instructor for local police departments and competing in a variety of tournaments. Probably not what she was expecting after finishing in the top six of History Channel's Top Shot competition … probably a lot more.

That is why we were so grateful to have her speak at the 2013 Brownells/NRA Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors luncheon at this year's SHOT Show. With parents, chaperons and industry representatives gathered round, Gabby took to the podium and explained how shooting helped focus the truly important aspects of life.

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From Arsenal Inc. - Arsenal Redesigns SLF-106UR Muzzle Break, new style Lessens Recoil and Climb

(LAS VEGAS) – In an effort to allow greater ease and comfort in shooting, Arsenal Inc. has redesigned the muzzle break for the SLR-106UR semi-automatic pistol. The new style will lessen the impact of felt recoil and provide a more enjoyable experience for sportsman and shooting enthusiasts of all sizes. (See Demo)

This redesign puts Arsenal’s muzzle break among the most efficient within the firearms industry and stays in line with the company’s long history of quality, superior products. The SLR-106 UR, imported from Arsenal of Bulgaria, is a 5.56 NATO caliber, stamped receiver with an 8 1/2 inch chrome-lined, hammer-forged barrel. The pistol is also outfitted with a scope rail, black polymer furniture and comes with one 5-round, one 20-round magazines, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.

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