Jessie Duff, Bianchi Cup Ladies Champion, lets the NRA peek in her range bag

Jessie Duff at the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup in Missouri

Fairfax, Virginia - Jessie Duff is one of the biggest names in the shooting sports. From her duties as captain of Team Taurus to her television work with the NRA, Duff gives her all both on and off the firing line. She recently added to her accolades in the former by winning her third Ladies Champion title at the 35th Annual MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Missouri.

We can all see Jessie is a great shot, but Barb Barid of Women's Outdoor News and Shooting Sports USA recently tried to dig deeper to shed some light on her secrets. And there's no better place to start than the tools she brings to the range. So, Jessie, what's in your range bag?

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Top Pistol Shooters draw and fire in under four seconds for the Colt Speed Event

Columbia, Missouir - Nothing calls for a greater deal of agility and accuracy than the MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup's Colt Speed Event.

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NRA Competitive Shooting highlights the Action on the Range at the NRA/MidwayUSA Bianchi Cup

Shelley Sargent shoots the Falling Plates event at the 2013 Bianchi Cup in Missouri

Columbia, Missouri - The final round was fired at the 2013 Bianchi Cup on Sunday. Titles were conferred, prizes awarded and memories made. For those unable to attend, their memories of this year's championship will be relegated to the names and numbers found in the record books ... which is a shame.

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How fast can you knock down six small metal plates from 10 yards away? At 25?

New Zealand shooter Tiffany Piper at the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup in Missouri

Columbia, Missouri - Of the four matches that comprise the Bianchi Cup title, the last is the Falling Plate Event. Unique to this event from the other three is the incorporation of small metal plates instead of paper targets.

Like the other events, however, the name is very straightforward in describing what happens: you need to make the plates fall down... yes, with your pistol.

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Koenig wins fourth consecutive overall title

Robert Vadasz, Enoch Smith, Jessie Duff, Tiffany Piper also capture 2013 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup Championships

15-time Bianchi Cup champion Doug Koenig

Columbia, Missouri - Finishing with a 1920-183x, defending champion Doug Koenig battled through his final event at the 2013 MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup Championships to win his 15th overall title. But it wasn't a cakewalk. Pushed through every stage of the competition, it was exactly what competitors and fans expected to see.

Out of the four events that combine for the Bianchi Cup title, top shooters Doug Koenig, Carl Bernosky and Bruce Piatt all had the same one left - Moving Target.

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Is it THAT hard to shoot the X-ring of a moving target?

MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup Moving Target Event sponsored by Sig Sauer

Columbia, Missouri - Sig Sauer is the longtime sponsor of the Bianchi Cup's third event, Moving Target. Its straightforward name perfectly describes the match: firing at a moving target. While the description is simple, the match is anything but.

Like the other events, Moving Target is shot from varying distances, in this case 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards. Competitors position themselves in marked firing squares with their pistol holstered and hands shoulder high. Once the target begins traveling, the shooter may draw and start firing. The target isn't just putzing along either. It travels the 60 feet of track at nearly seven miles an hour, disappearing behind a barricade after six seconds.

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Four different shooters lead four different categories headed into the final day of competition

Top Shot contestant Maggie Reese at the 2013 NRA Bianchi Cup in Missouri

Columbia Missouri - For the final day of the 2013 NRA Bianchi Cup, the focus will be on the Moving Target Event. That's where the likes of Carl Bernosky and Bruce Piatt will try to chip away at Doug Koenig's overall lead. Though tied in points, it's Koenig's five point advantage in X's that puts him ahead of the pack.

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Iain Harrison, season one winner of History Channel's Top Shot, heads the pack in Missouri

Iain Harrison of History Channel's Top Shot at the Bianchi Cup

Columbia, Missouri - As Thursday's sun set on the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club, Iain Harrison, winner of the History Channel's first season of Top Shot, held the lead.

Unfortunately for Iain, it will not last long. Harrison completed all four Bianchi Cup events yesterday and is done for the tournament. His score of 1755-96x is final. The same can not be said about the group of the world's top pistol shooters positioned behind him in the standings. But Harrison is also firing in the Metallic category, where competitors are limited to their metallic sights. The top shooters behind him are all in the Open category where optics and other peripherals are allowed resulting in much higher scores.

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The Safariland Barricade Event is second of the Bianchi Cup's core matches

Brooke Sevigny at the 2013 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup

Columbia, Missouri - The Barricade Event is the second of the Bianchi Cup's four core matches. The main feature of the event is the titular barricade. Six feel high and two feet wide, the barricades are placed at varying distances in the range and shooters must demonstrate both agility and balance to achieve a top score.

Competitors must begin each round standing in a 2'x3' firing area with their pistol holstered and hands on the barricade. Each shooter has two targets downrange, one to the left and right sides of their lane's barricades. When a signal sounds, targets turn to face downrange and competitors take six shots at the target corresponding to the side they're firing from. Once the targets turn back, the shooter switches sides to repeat the shots on the other target.

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