Harrah's sets up shotguns, rifles and more for POMA's 2012 Media Day shoot

On the shotgun range at the 2012 POMA Media Day Shoot at Harrah's in Tunica, Mississippi

Tunica, Mississippi - Wrapped in a soggy blanket that is the Mississippi heat, a few hundred members of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) headed off to the Willows Sporting Clays at Harrah's Casino for the 2012 Media Day shoot. That's where those of us who write about the shooting sports and great outdoors take a little trigger time with the latest and greatest from a variety of manufacturers.

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NRA part of Outdoor Organization since 2004 founding

NRA's J.R. Robbins and POMA CEO Laurie Lee Dovey

Tunica, Mississippi - Earlier this month, the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) presented representatives from the National Rifle Association with the Diamond Cornerstone Award.

The award, which was received by J.R. Robbins (Managing Editor of NRAhuntersrights.org), recognizes the NRA's key role in POMA's growth and maturation into the premier outdoor industry communications organization.

"The National Rifle Association is the reason POMA exists," said POMA CEO Laurie Lee Dovey. "From the beginning, the NRA stood by and with POMA, supported our efforts, our beliefs and our members."

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Bill Miller Outdoors cooks up quail at 2012 POMA Top Chef cook off Tunica, Mississippi - Though the skies were dark and the rain was falling, there was no doubt as to whether yesterday's POMA Top Chef Challenge would take place. Under the overhang of Harrah's convention hall in Tunica, grills and goods supplied by Camp Chef set the stage for our Friday morning culinary bonanza.

Here's how it worked — competitors lined up at their stations. At their feet sat a cooler full of nutritional goodness. They were told about every available ingredient (including the standard pantry items of salt, pepper, flour, etc…) except for one — the mystery ingredient. Once the bell rang, the mystery was revealed and the spatulas began to fly.

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Crossbow on display at the POMA conference in Tunica

Tunica, Mississippi - You can't get a group of Outdoor Media professionals together without talking gear. That's why POMA officials always make sure to bring out the best gear on the market for their Product Showcase.

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Opening POMA at the Tunica River Park & Museumon the Mississippi River

Tunica, Mississippi - The 2012 Professional Outdoor Media Association conference opened last night at the Tunica River Park & Museum. Resting right there on the banks of the Mississippi River, the River Park takes you through the history of the river with a walk through their two story museum. There's also a present day provided by floating down stream upon the Tunica Queen.

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17 Students travel to Mississippi for NRA Training seminar

NRA's Mississippi Training Counselor Workshop Class for 2012
NRA's Mississippi Training Counselor Workshop Class for 2012

Gulfport, Mississippi - No one is born a teacher. Sure, some are more suited to step in front of class and dispense knowledge then others, but sharing that knowledge in a fashion that embeds the lesson in a student’s mind requires more than natural ability. And that’s part of what they were teaching at the NRA Training Counselor Workshop in Gulfport.

“It was an intense, rewarding weekend,” said workshop student Andrea Cerwinske. “Three days from morning to night with an exceptional group of instructors.”

Led by NRA Education & Training’s John Howard and Andy Lander, the seminar also had the privilege of hearing from Master Training Counselor Tom Monahan out of Florida. (The designation of “Master Training Counselor” has been retired. Tom is one of the few who still holds the title.)


Kopp Buck

NRA's Hunter Services Department is back on the road this weekend as they head south, bringing the Great American Whitetail Collection to the Greenville Mall in Greenville, Mississippi.

The amazing display shows fiberglass reproductions of some of the largest trophy bucks in the entire world, guaranteed to awe any hunting enthusiast. You can check out these incredible whitetails on Saturday, September 25th in the mall from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The Kopp Buck, pictured at right, is just one example of the racks on display.

Back on the East Coast, other members of the Hunter Services staff are the Frederick County Fair in Maryland to promote the 2011 NRA Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show, so stop by their booth to pick up promotional giveaways, purchase show t-shirts, or just to say hello.

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