NRAstore helps keep your firearms in tip-top shape with high quality cleaning gear

NRA Essentials Cleaning Kit
NRAstore™ Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter rolls out a must-have cleaning tools for Membership Monday.

Fairfax, Virginia - As the leaves begin to turn and the temperature starts to drop, we all start to get more serious about our love for shooting.

Whether you’re preparing for a hunt, refining your marksmanship at the range, or plinking in the backyard, it’s important to keep your firearms in tip-top shape. Carbon, dirt, and grease build-ups can be the difference between success or failure (and there’s nothing more frustrating than missing the “big one”).

Luckily, the NRAstore offers a variety of quality products for your gun maintenance and cleaning needs!

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Brand new brand from for the modern day shooters

NRA Tactical Prevailer Knife from the NRA Store

NRAstore™ Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans breaks out the Tactical Gear for Membership Monday.

Fairfax, Virginia - An exciting new brand for the modern day shooter!

The National Rifle Association recently launched an entirely new brand, designed exclusively for the tactical gun enthusiast! NRA Tactical™ has been built from the ground up to offer smart, innovative and practical products tailored for the independent NRA lifestyle.

A slick 24-page catalog showcases a whole new line of NRA Tactical merchandise, including gun cases, flashlights, knives, apparel, shooting gear and much more! Whether you’re an officer defending the streets, or a citizen defending your home and family, this new catalog has what you need to maintain an edge in any situation.

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Navy SEAL and Special Ops tested NRA Backpack for the everyday user

See the backpack tested by the Special Ops guys for the NRA Fairfax, Virginia - Labor Day. The first Monday in September. The federal government officially recognized Labor Day as a national holiday back in 1894 as a celebration of the American worker. Today it marks the end of summer, the beginning of school and another opportunity to hit the stores.

In effort to combine all three, we bring you the NRA Dark Ops Backpack for Membership Monday. Here's the thinking …

A backpack goes everywhere you go. It brings your towels to the beach, your books to school and your shoes to the gym and your lunch to work. And that's just the beginning.

For what you can do with this backpack is limitless. We say that because it's been by the best — the Navy SEALs to name one. If they can take this into the field then you can sure as hell take it to the gym or the woods.

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Finding comfort and accuracy when deploying's rifle mat/case

A black and tan NRA rifle mat and case from the NRA Store

If you've ever battled the wet ground and cold rocks of your favorite shooting range when lining up your shot, then NRAstore™ Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans has the solution for you ...

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This week's NRAstore highlights tackle pocketless pistol protection

NRA store pocket pistol protection
NRA Membership's Buyer Brian Evans has a great NRAstore items for unconventional concealment in this week's Membership Monday ...

Fairfax, Virginia - There are times when conventional concealment is not an option.

Perhaps you’re attending a dinner party, where form-fitting clothing would reveal your firearm immediately. Perhaps warm weather dictates minimal clothing, presenting a similar dilemma. Or, perhaps, in the comfort of your own home, you want your firearm at the ready – but just not holstered on your person as you relax. The solution to all the above situations is simple: Off-body carry. And NRAstore has just the products to help.

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Wearing a holster is a cinch with custom belts from the NRAstore

NRA custom belt

NRA Membership's Buyer Brian Evans has a great new addition to the NRAstore for this week's Membership Monday ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Supporting a holstered firearm is a task that exceeds the capabilities of common belts. They’re simply not substantial enough to bear 2-3 extra pounds on a daily basis. So, eventually, they roll over on themselves and refuse to do their duty (which wasn’t in their original job description, anyway).

While military and law enforcement duty belts are built for load-bearing, their utilitarian appearance is generally unsuitable for civilian use, looking very out of place in, say, a restaurant. And that left civilians with very few options for daily carry. Until now…

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Up to 1,000 lumens of light in under a pound from NRA Store

Apollo Flashlight from the NRA Store

When choosing a subject for this week's Membership Monday, NRAstore™ Buyer Brian Evans had a real bright idea ...
Fairfax, Virginia - We all love a nice summer night. But just because it's time for beach, sun and vacation doesn't mean that danger isn't be lurking around every corner. Without a clear picture of what lies ahead, you put yourself at an immense disadvantage.

Whether a severe summer storm knocks you off the grid or you’re navigating one of those dark country roads, light is essential. ... more on the NRA Tactical HS Apollo ...

The NRA Store brings the guns of the National Firearms Museum to your home

300 pages of the treasured guns found in the NRA National Firearms Museum

Dirk Grove, National Sales manager for NRAstore, is in a museum state of mind for this edition of Membership Monday:

Fairfax, Virginia - Each year, thousands of NRA members make the pilgrimage to NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, to visit the National Firearms Museum. Known as the crown jewel of firearms museums, it certainly lives up to that reputation, displaying more than 2,800 firearms in well thought-out, historical settings.

Visitors are welcomed to the National Firearms Museum free of charge, where they encounter lovingly preserved gems like a .66 caliber Italian wheellock carbine, ... more on books and calendars from the National Firearms Museum ...

With Life Member Status comes Life Member Pride!

An NRA Life Member Mug from the NRA Store

NRAstore™ Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans put together a few mid-summer specials for all the NRA Store fans out there ...
Fairfax, Virginia - When you upgrade to an NRA Life Member, your dedication to the preservation of the Second Amendment becomes unwavering. Your support for the NRA becomes a lifestyle that you wear so proudly on your sleeve. You have the prestigious bragging rights of being an NRA Life Member (something you know have in common with Teddy Roosevelt, Chuck Norris, and Ted Nugent).

To help our new and longtime Life Members, display their pride we’re highlighting a few items that will accentuate your proud membership status:

More NRA Life Member items from the NRA Store ...

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