Hunting & Outdoor Icon Michael Waddel booked for NRA Show

bone collector michael waddell Fairfax, Virginia - The fourth annual NRA Great American Hunting & Outdoor Show takes place next January at the Frederick Fair Grounds in Maryland. There you will see a few hundred exhibitors, tons of hunt/outdoor gear, and thanks to the hard work of the staff, the Outdoor Channel's Bone Collector Michael Waddell.

"We're talking about one heck of an expert there my friend," said show manager Bob Davis.

Debuting in 2009 on the Outdoor Channel, Bone Collector hit the air with a mission to document the culture of the hunter, the brotherhood of sportsmen and effort to show "the warts and all" in their adventures across the globe. They also managed to win last year's Fan Favorite Best Hunting Golden Moose Award at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Your chance to see the latest hunting & outdoor gear in Maryland

NRA Hunting & Outdoor show returns to Frederick, Maryland Yes, yes it's early. Probably too early for most. As a constant procrastinator, I know it's too early for me. But I've been told that a lot of you like to plan in advance so here you go. If you're in or around the Washington, DC Metro area at the end of January then you need to add Frederick, Maryland to your itinerary. That's where you'll find the NRA's Great American Hunting & Outdoor Show. January 25th through the 27th at the Frederick Fairgrounds ... wait until you see what's in store.

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Kate Desmond on an NRA Women on Target Turkey Hunt from 2012

For this week's image rewind, we take a look at our very first NRA Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show (then in Westminster, Maryland – now in Frederick), the ladies from Women On Target® Hunts gave away a Turkey Hunt at the Knowlton’s Laguna Vista Ranch in Pearsall, Texas.

On this week in 2010, spoke to the winner, Kate Desmond, about her first time taking a turkey in the field. Above is evidence of her success.

Raquel Harrington has NRA's Best in Show mount at the 2012 Great American Hunting & Outdoor Show
Raquel shows off her winning antlers at NRA's Great American Show.
Frederick, Maryland - There were plenty of winners in NRA/Mason Dixon Big Buck Contest at Frederick Fair Grounds this January. Best in Show Sheds, Junior and more. But what caught my attention was the Female Best in Show. That was none other then Raquel Harrington of Maryland.

"It was my first hunt. Not of the season but of my life," Raquel said with a smile. "Yea, I'm a little bit spoiled."

An avid pistol target shooters, Raquel finally plunged into the hunting pond after some prodding by her Father and Uncle. In fact, it was her Uncle who served as wingman during this 2011 excursion on the family's Montgomery County Farm. Nothing like putting your money where your mouth is.

"It's kind of a funny story," Raquel explained. "It all started with a nap."


Earlier this month, I told you that I was going to try out my new set of Earinc/Insta-Mold custom fit ears. Since then I've used them twice and the difference is amazing. So I went back through my notes and put together at two part series on the man who made it possible ... Ken Dennis.

Ken Dennis of Earinc-Insta-Mold at the NRA Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show
Ken Dennis of Earinc-Insta-Mold at the NRA Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show

Frederick, Maryland - Three years ago, Ken Dennis was looking for a new set of ears. Not the ones he was born with – of course – but the pair one employs to protect their hearing when working heavy equipment or shooting firearms. That's when he found Earinc/Insta-Mold. Calling the company for more information, they invited him out to Colorado to learn about the system first hand.


Fairfax, Virginia - David Keene, President of the National Rifle Association, provides the following thoughts as the NRA announces their selection for the 2011 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year:

2011 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Deputy Michael Zack of the Cecil County, Maryland Sherriff's department
2011 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Deputy Michael Zack
Each year we honor a law enforcement officer whose valor, professionalism and willingness to risk everything to protect the citizens and community of which he or she is a part.

This year we are proud to honor Deputy Michael Zack of the Cecil County, Maryland Sherriff's department. Zack's willingness to risk his own life to come to the aid of a fellow officer, though he wasn't even on duty at the time of the incident, exemplifies the professionalism of our nation's best law enforcement officers who view their role in American society as a sacred trust entered into when they were sworn in as protectors of their community and its citizens. His fellow Deputy may well be alive today because of Michael Zack's heroism and for that he must be grateful. All of us should be just as grateful that there are men and women in this country like Zack willing to selflessly put themselves in harm's way to enforce our society's laws and provide the security essential to a free society.


NRA youth with 2 ducks from a mentored hunt in Pintail Point, MDMaryland Youth with four ducks from Mentored Hunt
This time last year, NRAblog brought you Moe Aguilar's report on Pintail Point's Mentored Youth Hunt. Here it is again as one of our new features — the weekend story rewind:

The Maryland DNR Mentored Junior Hunter Day on February 20 at the River Plantation in Queenstown, Maryland was a big success.

All the youngsters made it through the instructional safety clinic in plenty of time to enjoy the sporting clays course. After the warm up, it was time to take aim at some mallard ducks.

The parents and the Maryland DNR staff was just as excited as the young hunters as they took their first shots. The biggest excitement was seeing the youngsters hit their first clays or mallards. One young hunter was so excited after hitting his first duck that he walked to his father, safely handed him the gun, and jumped up and down with his hands in the air.


Registered Maine Guides offer full services hunts at Great American

J & S Guide Services booth at the 2012 NRA Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show
J & S Guide Services' vendor booth from NRA's 2012 Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show at the Frederick Fair Grounds in Maryland.
Frederick, Maryland - J & S Guide Services has been taking hunters in to the great outdoors of Maine for roughly five years now. Headed up by Registered Maine Guides Steve Wood and Jean Nichols, they're the place to go if you're looking to bag yourself a quality moose or bear in the Pine Tree State.

"We've got an 80% success rate on bears and 100% success rates on moose," said Woods. "Pretty good numbers I'd say."

Operating mainly out of central Maine, that's moose hunting districts 14 and 17 to you and me, the two came down to Maryland for the Great American Hunting & Outdoors Show this January to see if they could drum up a little interest from those looking for a northern hunt. After looking at those numbers … who wouldn't be interested?

"Over the last few years, we've had repeat hunters that are taking bears around 175 to 225 pounds," said Woods. "The bull moose run anywhere from a 24 to a 60 inch spread."


NRA YHEC Volunteers and kids gather at the Maryland challenge in Willamsport

Maryland State Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) Coordinator Lee Esworthy sent NRAblog the following:

Williamsport, Maryland - The 2011 Maryland Youth Hunter Education Challenge was held on the June 18th weekend at the Potomac Fish and Game Club in Williamsport. Participants and spectators had a wonderful time. This year’s challenge had 23 teams including clubs from Virginia and New York giving us 112 registered participants. The girls showed up the boys by winning several awards and coaching the overall junior team to victory. I can’t say enough about my volunteers ... most are former coaches or parents. One of the best parts is the large number of past participants who come back as volunteers or team coaches.


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