Army holds top two Long Range Rifle spots at NRA Championships

Norman Anderson takes Long Range Rifle lead in NRA Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Norman Anderson of the U.S. Army Reserves vaults to the top of the NRA leaderboard after a splendid morning performance in today's Long Range High Power Rifle competitions. Bolstered by his 200-12x Aiken Trophy outing, he now holds a one point lead over Tyler Cooper of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. His grand total? 798-40x. But wait … there's more.


Halfway through the NRA Long Range Rifle Championships

Fan watching NRA Long Range High Power Rifle competition at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - The canon was fired at 8:30 this morning to begin day three of NRA's Long Range Rifle Championships. Over the past few days, we have witnessed some of the top long range competitors fire from around the world. Camp Perry legends such as Nancy Tompkins, her daughter Michelle Gallagher, David Tubb and John Whidden are back for another year, making the competition that much harder.


A definition of the different rifles used in NRA Competitions

Canadian rifle team at NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio.

Port Clinton, Ohio - During the NRA Long Range Rifle Championships, a number of matches are fired at the same time. Today, for example, competitors will be shooting side by side for the Wimbledon, Farr and Doc Aiken trophies. You might be asking yourself why? Shouldn't everyone have a chance at winning those events? Doesn't it get confusing? It does. So here's the primer.


Shoot-off for Day 2 Complete at NRA National Long Range Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio- The second day of the Long Range High Power Championships is complete. The last event of the day was the shoot-off for the Leech Cup, Porter Trophy, Andrus Trophy and NRA Freedom matches. The high-scoring competitor from each relay for each of these matches participated in the shoot-off. Competitors shot side-by-side using Any, Service, Palma and F-Class rifles. The competitor with the highest shoot-off score would win their individual match, regardless of the preliminary results prior to the shoot-off. A congratulations goes out to Nancy Tompkins, winner of last year's Leech Cup, who dominated the entire shoot-off with an excellent score of 100-8x.


Georgia's John Whidden holds a one point lead in NRA Rifle race

3-time NRA Long Range High Power Rifle Champ John Whidden at the Camp Perry Championships in Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Halfway through a surprisingly sunny Day Two at the NRA Long Range High Power Rifle Championships finds 3-time winner John Whidden in the lead. Firing in day's first group of relays, he's joined at the top by rocket scientist (literally) Brian Litz, past champ Michelle Gallagher and a couple of competitors from the International squads.

Finishing second in last year's competition, Whidden has long been amongst the favorites at Camp Perry's firing line. "John is one [darn] good shooter," said one California competitor. "He finds a way. The boy knows what he's doing out here."


Preliminary results for Leech Cup and Andrus Trophy Matches

Beautiful weather for day 2 of NRA Long Range Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio- Day two of the National Long Range Rifle Championships is underway and the weather is absolutely beautiful for competitors and spectators to enjoy. The Leech Cup, Porter Trophy and the Andrus Trophy Matches were shot concurrently this morning and preliminary results for these matches are in.


Anderson and Whidden first to win NRA Long Range Rifle matches

NRA Score keepers during Long Range Rifle shootoff at Camp Perry Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - The first day of NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championships closed with a pair of shoot offs for the Mustin and Band of Brothers trophy matches. Won by John Whidden and Norman Anderson, respectively, shoot offs take top performers from the day's match and allow them to duke it for top honors in similar wind and weather conditions.


A muddy, wet and cold start to Long Range High Power Rifle Championships

Rain puddles and mud surround the NRA ready line sign at National Matches

Port Clinton, Ohio - Highs in the low 60s and puddles from yesterday's rain create a chilly, muddy atmosphere for the start of the Long Range Rifle Championships. "It's the coldest I've ever seen it here," said one long-time NRA volunteer.

The Remington Band of Brothers Trophy Match was the first match fired and preliminary scores look as though most competitors are enjoying shooting in this cooler weather. 


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